Tuesday, October 27, 2015

These Pet Pillows Are AH-MAY-ZING

Back in February, when we adopted Lobo, we received a Pet Pillow made by the talented Ledyard CHAIN Inc Crafters. All 3 of our fur-kids LOVE the Pet Pillow. It's their favorite go-to place to stretch out, nap, chew on their bones, etc. And for Lobo, who is a special needs pup, it has provided much relief and comfort. The decision was made. We needed more! That's exactly what happened last week. Two. More. Pet. Pillows.

These Pet Pillows are made of soft fleece, stuffed generously and are super durable. Another plus...they're machine washable and can be put in the dryer!! Yes, true story! For the longest time we were spot washing. Then, we decided to go for it. Washer. Dryer. Score! No issues!

The Pet Pillows are available to purchase and the proceeds go right to the shelter animals to cover medical costs and to purchase much needed items. You can choose from Pet Pillows already made or have one customized for your pup or kitty. They've got a wide variety of colors and patterns and you can choose the size and shape. Prices are $8 for a small, $12 medium and $15 large. If you need an XL, they can do that too!

If interested, you can contact Cindy directly at ledyardchain@gmail.com.

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