Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The First Batch Of Biscuit Love Is Heading Out The Door

We've got some biscuit love heading out the door this afternoon INCLUDING 3 more Bodacious Fall Pails and a delivery to the Ledyard Pound pups. There's more going out tomorrow and, on Friday, we're heading to Wolcott for a biscuit love run and to deliver 2 Bodacious Raffle Baskets to benefit our local animal shelters! We love weeks like this!

It's also day 23 of our month-long Bodacious Gratitude & A Few Surprises. Today, we're grateful for all the "hoomans" and pups we have the pleasure of meeting unexpectedly while out and about spreading the biscuit love.

Today, while delivering biscuit love to the Ledyard Pound and a Bodacious Fall Pail to ACO Christina, we met this beautiful woman and her sweet pup. Two beautiful souls who crossed our paths and added much joy to our day. Before we left, we spread a couple bags o' biscuit love their way.

And...thank you, Christina, for allowing us to steal your photo! You definitely captured the moment.

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