Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Week Off? Nope. Not Happening.

Prior to our Bodacious Yard & Bake Sale on Saturday, I kept thinking, "Why don't we take the following week off." I had the same trail of thought prior to our summer Bodacious Yard & Bake Sale. Last year, same thing. This marked our 4th time hosting a yard and bake sale. I had the exact thought prior to each one. Let's take the following week off.

However, I never follow through. Our Bodacious Yard & Bake Sales are always on a Saturday. Sunday we spend recouping and getting our home back in order. Then, on Monday, early in the morning, I prep the kitchen for biscuit baking. Oven on. Mound after mound after mound of dough is made. Rolled. Cut. A steady stream of cookie sheets go in and out of the oven. Our trays in the biscuit room fill up. The piles get higher and higher.

Package. Restock. Deliver. Spread lots of biscuit love. Visit with the pound pups. 

While a week off would be quite welcomed, it'll never happen. I know that. Our exhaustion after hosting an event, and the dire need for a week off, is nothing in comparison to the daily happenings at our local shelters. Their need for items is still there. The pups are still there. The shelters continue to populate with animals.

Granted, the sky wouldn't crumble if we took a week off. It wouldn't make the news nor would it be a trending topic on Twitter. There would be no change in the climate. Trees wouldn't topple over. However, the pound pups we intended to visit and spread biscuit love to wouldn't get their biscuits. The same holds true for the shelters we'd be shipping to. Our Bodacious Community wouldn't have access to biscuits. That alone saddens my heart. And, it's more than enough to not take a week off after hosting an event.

Yesterday we baked. Today we're still baking. Tomorrow the biscuits will be packaged and we'll head out in the afternoon to ship, restock and spread biscuit love to the sweet pound pups. We have one Bodacious Raffle Basket to make this week for a very special event. The rest of our prizes and Bodacious Boxes O' Biscuits from our month-long Bodacious Gratitude & A Few Surprises will be shipped.

A week off? Nope. Not happening.

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