Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Thank You BuggyBee Designs In Ledyard, Connecticut

It's day 9 of our month-long Bodacious Gratitude & A Few Surprises! We're a little late posting it today. What a BUSY day...baking biscuits, packaging, whipping up some "hooman" cookies, spreading the biscuit love AND delivering a Bodacious Thank You Basket to Valerie...the owner of BuggyBee Designs in Ledyard, Connecticut.

Last week, we purchased a new vehicle. Long story short, we needed something bigger. Over the past year, our family has grown, we're doing more events, delivering more biscuit love, collecting more food and litter for our local shelters, and, on occasion, assisting with emergency rescue transports. Our car was too small.

We wanted to add a little character to our new vehicle and searched a few stores. Nothing. This included Michael's. Mind you, our little adventure occurred shortly after Lisa arrived home with our new vehicle. It was a work night. We were both tired. Michael's was our first stop. They. Had. Nothing. You'd think, being a craft store, they'd have vehicle friendly decals. I probably gave the sales associate more grief than I should have.

"What! No decals? You're a craft store. You sell novelty candy, but you don't sell decals? You sell edible cupcake decorations, but no decals? That sucks."

Valerie reached out to us and said she'd love to custom make our decals. Her work is incredible (seriously, check out her page) and she nailed it! THIS is exactly what we wanted. Today, she applied the decals.

We presented her with a basket of biscuit love for sweet baby, Lizzie...a beautiful rescue Great Dane. We also added a couple bags of "hooman" cookies. "Hoomans" need cookie love too. It was a small token of our gratitude. the near future, we're going to FINALLY get a Bodacious Biscuit Love decal for our vehicle...custom made by the talented Valerie, of course!

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