Friday, September 11, 2015

A Bodacious Rundown On What's To Come In The Weeks Ahead

How many times have I started a post with, "This week has been crazy, busy!" Lots. And lots. While this week has, in fact, been extremely busy, it's also been...weird. A good kind of weird. With Monday being a holiday, it threw my entire week off. Lisa had the day off. During a conversation that afternoon, I was going over my tentative schedule for the week ahead. I always start baking first thing Monday morning. That's how I started my rundown...

"Monday I'll spend the entire day and evening baking. Same with Tuesday. Wednesday we'll restock our displays. We've got to schedule a few biscuit deliveries."

At that point, I noticed an odd expression on Lisa's face. Her head was tilted slightly.


She giggled a little.

"Today is Monday, sweetheart."

Oh, shit.

I needed peanut butter and flour. My entire schedule for the remainder of the day, evening and overnight hours crumbled. It was Monday. After shifting things around, I was back on track. Lisa ran out for ingredients. I fired up the oven and began the process of baking.

Aside from my dork moment, the rest of the week has glided by without additional mishaps. It went by fast. Very little sleep. 

We've got a lot of great stuff coming up and another project in the works that has very little to do with Bodacious Biscuit Love. Or, maybe it has everything to do with Bodacious Biscuit Love. It's a project I've been working on for a couple of months now. I'm not unveiling everything just yet. What I will say is the tiny spark of inspiration surfaced late spring.

As quoted from my personal Facebook page...

Over the past week, a few "hoomans" have asked, "So, what's this big project you're working on?" I'm not ready to unveil all the details...yet. A little suspense is a beautiful thing. What I will tell you is the inspiration behind it surfaced in late spring. I was having a conversation with someone I didn't know.

We were at an event. Throughout the conversation, I referred to our lil' nuggets of furry love as "kids." Typically, when speaking to "hoomans" who don't know us personally, I'll use the term "fur-kids." However, that day I was tired and under-caffeinated.

I probably said something weird like, "We bathe our kids once a month" or "Our kids prefer to poop in the backyard versus the front lawn..." The lady tilted her head, gasped and was mortified. That's when it registered in my brain. I quickly let her know I was referring to our FUR-kids. She seemed slightly relieved. Her relief was followed by a snarky comment in the context of..."if people stopped calling their dogs kids and referring to themselves as moms, there wouldn't be all this unnecessary confusion."

Since then, the tiny spark of inspiration has turned into quite the melting pot of ideas. Whether it's been a snide "you're not a REAL mom" comment here and there, connecting with other fur-kid moms or the hundreds of positive comments when we post about our was enough to generate a slew of ideas. 

Those ideas transpired into hours and hours of work. I'm almost there. Tentative launch week. Between now and then? I'll be pluggin' away. Lots of caffeine. Maybe a glass or two of wine paired with a few freshly baked pup biscuits. Sleep deprivation.

Stay tuned.

Aside from this project, we're baking biscuits, delivering to shelters and we've got a very special biscuit love run coming up on September 19th to one of our favorite spots. Originally, this was supposed to happen on September 5th, however, sweet baby Piper wasn't going to be there the day we planned on visiting. While we're excited to see Judy and all the sweet pound pups, we wanted to see Piper too. With this location being almost 2 hours away, it was important to us. We rescheduled.

Also, this coming week, we're making a rockin' Bodacious Raffle Basket for the "hoomans" over at Destiny's Road Animal Rescue. They're having a raffle and silent auction to raise much needed funds for their rescue. We'll also be providing them with lots of biscuit love for the pound pups over at the Bridgeport Animal Shelter.

The week after, we're whipping up another Bodacious Raffle Basket for a fundraising event. We will be delivering this basket personally. And, we get to meet the founder of this amazing group. It's unlike any rescue group we've met before so we're super excited. We'll be spotlighting this group with a write up in the days ahead so stay tuned for that.

And...with the fall season officially beginning on September 23rd, we'll be breaking our pumpkin shaped biscuit cutters out! Yep. It's that time of year. We'll be stocking our displays with our Bodacious Pumpkin shaped biscuits the week after next! Once the temperatures cool a little more, we can finally start swizzling again! Yayyy!

On top of all of that...we're getting things ready for our Fall Bodacious Yard and Bake sale that will be happening on October 17th. I'll be creating the online poster by the end of next week. Two days before our event, we'll also be celebrating two years of Bodacious Biscuit Love! We've got a couple of special things planned for that as well.

We are still plugging away at our Bodacious Blanket, Bandanna and Tote love. The goal is to have at least a dozen blankets made for the holidays and a few dozen totes/bags and bandannas. We'll be attending the Whiskers in Wonderland again this year (December 6th), with a full setup, and would like to have some available to offer our Bodacious Community by then. With the winter months right around the corner (gasp!), there will be lots of time to sew, sew, sew! Whiskers in Wonderland is our last event of the year. With event season not revving up until the spring, that gives us plenty of time to get stocked up.

There's the rundown!  There are not enough hours in the day. No complaints though. We're lovin' every minute of it.

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