Monday, August 10, 2015

Who Rescued Who?

Hi! My name is Minion.  I am a rescue dog from Texas.  I was in a kill shelter there and a wonderful organization called Alamo Rescue Friends came and took me away on the day that I was to be “Euthanized”.  I don’t know what that means but it sounds scary!!  These nice people brought me to a very nice lady who owned a farm.  There were lots of animals and other dogs there.  She provided me with a nice comfy place to sleep, good food and lots of snuggles and love!

Then one day she took me to some other people who put me in a vehicle with lots of other dogs. Although they were nice, it was very scary.  We traveled a long ways to a big building with other dogs.  These people were also nice and fed me, but the bed was not so comfy, the floor was a cold cement and all the other dogs barked a lot.  I was in this pen with another dog. She and I became instant friends and we comforted each other in this scary place.  Although people were nice to us and gave us food and attention, it was not a home.

One day, we went to a place with lots of people who came around and looked at all of us, pet us and snuggled us.  A lot of the other dogs left with these people including my new friend and pen mate.  My heart broke once again watching her being taken away.  The lady who was looking out for me heard my cry out as I watched my friend and companion leave.  Back to the place with the cement floor I went...without my friend. I was so sad.  I wondered why one of those nice people did not pick me to bring home with them.

The following day I was in my pen all alone, all the other dogs were barking like crazy, there were a lot of people around all walking by me some with other dogs.  There I stood, shaking so hard, my tail between my legs and my head down.  I was just so frightened and sad.

Suddenly there was a lady standing in front of my pen who was speaking to me softly. She bent down and stuck her fingers through the metal.  Now, I can’t tell you all the things that have happened to me in my lifetime, but many of those experiences have left me afraid of people and things and very untrusting.  But there was something about her.

I crept slowly up to that hand.  Part of me was screaming to stay back! But, something drew me closer. She slowly started to pet me with her fingertips while still speaking softly to me.  Her friend kept trying to call her over to see other dogs, but this lady would not!  She stayed with me!  Dare I get my hopes up?

She stayed for a while and then she took me into a room and sat on the floor and tried to get me to not be afraid.  But I was afraid!  After about an hour, one of the workers, who had been in and out of the room, came in with a leash.  I thought, OH NO! Just as I was starting to like this lady, now they were taking me back to my pen and she was going to leave?!  But, I was wrong!

The leash came on and the lady took it, she walked me out of the building and put me in her car!!!  I noticed my tail was wagging for the first time in a long time! I was so happy!  I was going to have a home!  And what a great home it is!

I have a Mama and a Papa who love me very much!  I have lots of comfy places to sleep with nice warm blankets, a lot of toys. I have discovered that playing is one of my favorite things to do!  Who knew?  I had all these toys for months that I never touched and then one day I got curious and started to play and now I am addicted to playtime!  It is so much fun!  And, I discovered that even when playing, my humans will sneak in belly rubs and kisses!  A win, win situation!  They seem to really like that too.

I have plenty good food and snacks. I am never hungry!  I get fresh water daily so I am never thirsty and best of all, so much love and snuggles!  We go for walks, we go to the park, we go for car rides and they bring me around to meet a lot of people!  It’s funny, but I am getting to trust people and I thought I never would.  The people who they bring me around never hurt me and I know my Mama and Papa would never let anyone hurt me.

I finally have my Forever Home and my very own Forever Humans.  I am a lucky dog, so very content and happy.

(As a footnote from Minion’s Humans, we are the lucky ones!  Minion brings so much joy to our lives.  It is hard to know, Who Rescued Who?)  I love a happy ending!

~ A Guest Post by Laurie Samson and Minion ~

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