Monday, August 24, 2015

We've Got A Lot Of Bodacious Stuff In The Works Right Now...

It's already started. The back to school photos plastered on my Facebook news feed. 'Tis the season. It'll likely go on through Labor Day. Which, by the way, happens to be right around the corner. And, what's this I see? M&M's came out with a Pumpkin Spiced Latte flavor. Dunkin their Pumpkin shit out yet? Did I see yellow leaves on the tree across the street. And Mums are on sale at Big Y this week?

I am not one to rush the seasons along. While I love and embrace the fall season, it's still August. Summer. We've still got some summer weather heading our way. It'll be at least another month before we think about taking the air conditioners out of the windows. Hummingbirds are still visiting us throughout the day. Tomatoes continue to ripen in the garden.


While I'm sitting here white knuckling the last blissful days of warm weather and green grass, I need to start finalizing the plans for the upcoming months. We've ironed out details on a lot of stuff. Bottom line, there's a lot of bodacious things happening right now.

  • Bodacious Biscuit Love will be celebrating year number TWO on October 15th. Our tentative plans are to have our Bodacious Fall Yard & Bake Sale October 17th. 
  • The Bodacious Blankets, Totes and Bandannas are coming along. Lots of cutting, and soon, lots of sewing. We'd like to get a good supply of them made in time for the holiday season to offer our Bodacious Community and to give as gifts to some of our local pound pups.
  • Event season is winding down. As of now, we have one event scheduled for October 4th and one in December (not sure of the date yet) We'd like to get a couple more scheduled through the fall season. 
  • We're launching a second blog site next month. The Bodacious Biscuit Love side caters to the biscuit side of things and our mission. Our other blog site...? Well, you'll have to wait a little longer for that one. In addition, we're making a few changes to this blog site. Better organization and more DIY stuff. 
  • We'd like to schedule a few more biscuit runs before the winter season. We have one scheduled for September 5th. We're taking the afternoon and heading almost two hours west to one of our favorite locations to spread biscuit love and enjoy lunch with ACO Judy.
  • In the months ahead, we'd like to start featuring our local ACO's. That's still in "planning mode" as of today, but we'll keep you posted on that. 
So...yeah, lots of stuff. Non-stop work. But, we're loving every minute of it. 

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