Sunday, August 9, 2015

We're Giving YOU The Spotlight To Share Your Rescue And Adoption Story

As most of you know, all 3 of our fur-kids are rescues. In the middle of August, 3 years ago, we adopted our Coco bug. Last year, early summer, our sweet Sophie took her freedom ride with us as a foster. This past April her adoption became official. And, Lil' Lobo. He came to us as a foster January of this year, the day after his surgery to remove one of his hind legs. After 2 weeks, we knew. The call was made. We adopted him.

Lisa and I have been involved in rescue, foster, and everything between for over 3 years. We've been spreading the Bodacious Biscuit Love for almost two years. Throughout the years, we've heard story after story after story of rescues and adoptions. This is one aspect that will never get old. We love to hear, and see, the stories. Often times, when we have photo contests, additional stories surface. We embrace any and all.

We're always discussing new segments we can add to this blog and our Facebook page. So, why not open up the stage for people to share rescue and adoption stories. They're all unique. Like with all rescue babies, they each have their own story to tell. Often times, we don't know the extent of their nightmares...the ones they're rescued from. Little by little, chapter by chapter, their story unfolds. It takes weeks, months, and sometimes, even years. They come out of their shells and start trusting us "hoomans" again...and everything between.

We want to feature these stories. All of them. So, we're welcoming everyone on stage. We're giving YOU the spotlight. Tell your story. We'd love to feature it on this blog site and our Bodacious Biscuit Love Facebook page.

The process is easy. Send us a photo of your rescue baby (pup, kitty, bunny, bird, etc) along with the story of their rescue and/or how they became a part of your family to our email at Once received, we'll post your story on this site and our Facebook page. It's that easy. There is no limit to the length. And, there are no deadlines. This will be a permanent and ongoing feature on our site and Facebook page.

Ready. Set. Type.

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