Saturday, August 1, 2015

Visit Your Local Animal Shelter And Get Involved

Yesterday afternoon we delivered biscuit love to these cuties at the Preston Pound here in Connecticut. Hands down, this is one of our favorite aspects about Bodacious Biscuit Love. If money wasn't an issue (aka winning the lottery), we'd spend a good portion of the week visiting our local shelters here in Connecticut. Complete with a Mini Van with our logo. The back loaded solid with biscuits and much needed items.

And, we'd buy a gigantic piece of land, build a house and make it possible for us to rescue and foster local animals...especially the senior and terminally ill pups.

Visiting our local shelters for the past almost-two-years has been quite the eye-opener. We've gotten a behind-the-curtain glimpse. It has raised our awareness on so many levels. When you step foot into an animal shelter, and visit with the animals and Animal Control Officers, it changes you. You don't walk away the same person...

1. The Animal Control Officers aren't just "dog wardens." They're real people with families, real lives, and there is usually a story behind why they do what they do. They don't just write out tickets or pick up stray dogs. Every single day, they're in the front lines rescuing animals and putting up with unimaginable bullshit from "hoomans" who shouldn't be allowed to have an animal in their possession...ever. They witness firsthand the nightmares "hoomans" inflict on animals. They go above and beyond. The list goes on. It's been an incredible experience meeting and getting to know our local Animal Control Officers.

2. Animal Shelters are truly in need. They run on strict budgets and, often times, those budgets don't cover much beyond food, basic medical care (if that) and staff coverage. They rely heavily on donations, volunteers and money raised with annual events and other fundraising avenues. Sadly, some shelters are in dire need of the basic necessities like food and treats. Every donation makes a difference whether it's a few boxes of treats or a car full of food and blankets. Just think, if everyone in the community donated one can of food...

3. The pups and kitties crave attention. The simple act of being petted and a gentle voice lifts these animal's spirits in more ways than you could ever imagine. When we walk in with treats, the tails wag. They gobble up our treats with gusto. When balls are thrown, they will fetch. Their sweet faces light up and the pups get excited when us "hoomans" visit. They crave attention and socialization. The kitties...they rub against their metal cages. When taken out, they rub against our faces and respond to "hooman" touch. All the animals do. When people ask what they can do to help, I always say, "Volunteer..."

4. Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. There is a world of truth to this. Too often, we hear "hoomans" say they don't have money to donate. It's not just about the money. What matters most is your time and efforts whether it's sharing posts from local shelters, a blanket or two, raising awareness, collecting cans of dog food or kitten food or volunteering a hour a week to walk the dogs. These efforts make a world of difference.

5. Participating in events. Most of the events we attend are to support our local animal shelters. They're not huge events with thousands of people attending and, more than likely, not publicized on the news or papers. However, these are the events we choose to attend. We've had the opportunity to meet more of our local Animal Control Officers and the shelter staff and volunteers. Great people doing great things. We're surrounded by people who are on the same mission. We always have a wonderful time and, of course, we always stock the shelter with more biscuits before leaving. If you ever get a chance to volunteer for a local shelter event, do it.

6. "Hoomans" need treats too. Often times, when we visit our local animal shelters, we treat the Animal Control Officers, staff and volunteers with fresh baked treats. They love 'em! I always encourage people to bring a plate of cookies or brownies to the shelters. The staff and volunteers work hard. Treats are always welcomed!

Our local animal shelters need all the help and support they can get from the public. Visit. Get involved. Have a fundraiser or collection bin at work. Do something. Anything. It makes a difference and helps out in more ways than one.

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