Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Take The 'My Dog Is Cool' Pledge

We read stories day after day of irresponsible "hoomans" leaving their dogs in hot cars. Thankfully, more and more people are speaking up and taking action. Instead of walking by a car with a dog inside and doing nothing, people are stopping, calling their local law enforcement or animal control officers and these dogs are being rescued. Owners are being punished. Laws are becoming stricter.

As quoted by the 'My Dog Is Cool' website,

"The number one excuse we hear for leaving a dog in a parked car is “I was only gone for a few minutes.” But did you know that a dog can experience irreversible brain damage and even death in a hot car in as little as 10 to 15 minutes? And cracking those windows doesn’t help!

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, outside temperatures in the 60s can still cause a car temperature to rise well above 110 degrees (43 Celsius) and this can be life threatening to your dog, who can’t sweat or handle the heat like we humans can.

It’s no stretch to think of leaving your dog in a parked car the same as leaving him in a microwave oven. When a dog is left in a hot car, he is literally cooking from the inside out."

Sadly, despite the greatest of efforts with public awareness and education, dogs are still being left in cars. It angers me to no end. Both Lisa and I have spoken up on the rare occasion we've seen a dog left in a car on a hot day. It's not always met with a friendly reply from the offender, however, if it prevents these people from doing it again, we'll gladly take the heated response.

Last year we learned of the 'My Dog Is Cool' campaign. At the time, Coco was our only fur-kid. This year, with two new additions to our family, we're going to update our pledge photos. Lisa and I are keeping our fur-kids cool and we're proud to take that pledge.

Taking the pledge is simple. Print out the 'My Dog Is Cool' Pledge Certificate. You can find that here. Put your pup's name on the certificate, take a photo and email so your dog can be featured on the 'Cool Dogs' Gallery. You can find the email address and more information here.

What are you waiting for?!?! Take the My Dog Is Cool Pledge!

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