Wednesday, August 5, 2015

On Occasion We Get To Witness An Adoption In Progress

We've been spreading the biscuit love for almost 2 years now. Within that time frame, I have lost count how many visits we've made to our local shelters. Typically, we frequent the shelters closest to our home, however, on occasion we take a vacation day and make a biscuit run. This allows us to visit shelters further away...the ones we ship Boxes O' Biscuits to.

Personally delivering biscuit love and visiting the animals residing at the shelters is one of our favorite things to do. During our visits we spend time with the pups and kitties, assist with cleaning kitty kennels, deliver much needed items after a fundraiser, play with the pups outdoors, feed the pups biscuits, etc. On the rare occasion, while visiting, we get to witness a beautiful event.

An adoption in progress and the freedom ride as pup and family drive away.

Today, during a visit to the Ledyard Pound to deliver biscuit love and spend time with the pups and kitties, sweet baby Sadie was minutes away from heading to her new home. We got to meet the incredible family adopting her and spend a little time with Sadie before she left. And, of course, we gave Sadie a bag o' biscuits to take home with her.

The family adopting Sadie allowed us to take photos. The one displayed at the top of this post was my favorite. I don't think I need to tell you why. It captured the moment in its entirety. A picture speaks a thousand words.

Best wishes to Sadie and her new family!

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