Monday, August 3, 2015

9 Super Cool Budget Friendly DIY Dog Accessories

Not all pups like apparel. Our Coco bug runs in the other direction at the site of dog apparel. We've tried coaxing him into a t-shirt or pet costume with treats and chew toys. Nope. Even if it's for a minute or two to snap a photo. Nope. Sweet Sophie is a little more lenient in the apparel department, however, she has her limits. Although bribing isn't necessary, the look on her face tells all. Lil' Lobo is complete opposite. He has no issues with apparel or costumes.

In addition to some pups not being a fan of apparel, at times, it's just too hot for swanky shirts, sundresses and other fashionable apparel. Are there other ways to spruce up your pup without adorning 'em entirely in apparel? Yep. Whether you're attending a pup party or a public event, you can tie on a festive bandanna, posh collar or a floral collar accessory. No. Apparel. Necessary.

What's even better? These adorable and sparkly canine accessories listed below are budget-friendly and DIY! Why spend a small fortune on "boutique" accessories when you can make your own.

Here's a few to get you started...

DIY No Sew Dog Bandanna - Pretty Fluffy

DIY Dog Collar - Home Sweet Life

DIY Peter Pan Collar For Your Pooch - You're Welcome Savannah

Easy Sew Dog Tie - Decor and the Dog

DIY Rainbow Paracord Dog Collar - Hands So Occupied

(Source For DIY Ideas From BarkPost)

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