Monday, July 6, 2015

We Must Never Lose Sight Of One Thing...We're Human

Although Lisa and I stay home on and around the 4th of July, that doesn't mean we don't plan fun stuff to do around the house. This year, we were going to fire up the grill, line up a few movies, break out the cards, possibly enjoy adult beverages with a couple of friends, tackle a few small projects, work on Bodacious Blankets, Bandanna & Tote Love, and whatever else struck our fancy. Sadly, the day before our 3 day weekend, that all changed.

Thursday, July 2nd, our friend passed away after a year-long battle with cancer. After losing our Grammy the week before, this news weighed heavy on our hearts. I crumpled the list I had started of items to pick up at the store for our weekend of hunkering down. I knew Lisa was having a difficult time. Although the news of our friend passing saddened the both of us, it hit even closer to Lisa as she had known this remarkable woman for over a decade.

At that moment I made a decision. We were going to escape for a few hours. Lisa was getting out of work early. I had a couple of hours to prepare a picnic dinner. Destination? The ocean. Boardwalk. Farmer's Market. Dinner by the water. We both needed this. Long overdue.

Walking the beach is therapy. Inhaling the salty air. Feet in water. Searching for treasures. Pure. Bliss.

That's exactly what we did. We walked. Talked. Collected shells and sea glass. Flirted with the water lapping the shore. Inhaled deep. Exhaled slowly. We walked the entire length of the beach. By the time we returned to the car, our tummies were rumbling. Sandwiches always taste better at the beach.

With sound minds and souls, we discussed Saturday. Lisa would be heading to Lowell, with a friend of ours, to collect a piece of furniture, 2 large appliances and a tote or two from Grammy's home. We had spent the past few days mentally preparing ourselves for this. I was ready. I wasn't ready. I could do this. Meh. Maybe not. Back and forth.

Thankfully, we had a day between to prepare. We discussed where to put the love seat from Grammy's house. We decided to rearrange the office. It would become a home office, second living room combo. It's the largest room in the house. Doable. Friday was spent moving furniture, cleaning, reorganizing, arranging wall decor, etc. We began the tedious task in the morning and finished by 7. Just in time to settle down with our fur-kids and weather the Fourth of July festivity noises surrounding us.

The following day, Lisa left at 11. I spent the entire afternoon in the kitchen whipping up scrumptious fare for the friends who were assisting with the day's tasks of travel, loading and unloading. I baked lemon cheesecake cupcakes, bacon and cheese quiche, vegetarian pizza, yeast bread, and berry bread. All homemade. It kept me occupied until Lisa returned around 3. Unloading went smooth. Shortly after we all gathered in the kitchen and enjoyed good food, adult beverages and great conversation.

A huge and heartfelt thank you to Charlene, Bob, Kimlyn and John for your assistance Saturday afternoon. We couldn't have done it without you and because of your big hearts and generous souls, Lisa and I have pieces in our home that had once belonged to our Grammy. That means the world to us...more than you'll ever know.

Sunday was an odds-n-ends kind of day. We finished up housework, planned out our week, made a list of supplies needed to spread biscuit love for the next week or so and, once again, breathe in...exhale. Our 3 day weekend was wrapping up. We had gotten through it all. Together. However, there was a big question hanging over our heads like an ugly storm cloud.

How do you put closure to the past 2 weeks?

We sat on that question for quite some time. It pinched a few nerves. The pressure of coming up with an answer was overwhelming. Lisa was going back to work the next day. Biscuits needed to be baked. I had work to do. The week was going to begin. Our to-do list was long. Another hectic week. We couldn't press pause. Like it or not, Monday was going to arrive and stuff needed to be done.

That evening, while Lisa was finishing up with her nightly routine, I thought about the past couple of weeks. We slowed down a bit. We had taken a brief time out to process. Absorb. We celebrated two lives. We grieved for the loss of their life here on Earth. We escaped for a little ocean therapy. Spent time with friends who have become family. We feasted on luscious treats from several Farmer's Markets. We fed the most incredible people we know and love. And, amid all of it, we still continued to spread biscuit love, foster a very special baby kitty and visit a shelter.

The metaphorical light bulb suddenly burst with radiant light. 

Nothing needed closure. Conversations about Grammy and our friend weren't going to come to a screeching halt and cease. The sadness of their passing will linger. That's okay. There is no time limit. The week will begin. It will go on. We'll tackle the items on our to-do lists. Visits to the ocean will continue as well along with trips to the Farmer's markets and time spent with dear friends. The trays of biscuits will always be full. Traveling to local animal shelters happens every week. Our home will always be opened to an occasional foster baby in need.

Life, for us and many others, very seldom goes as planned. At times, an unexpected shift in plans can be fun and quite enjoyable. On occasion, not so much. Regardless of the twists and turns, we must never lose sight of one thing (out of many). We're human.

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