Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Cutest Pupsicle Holders Ever!

On occasion, we treat our fur-kids to "hooman" ice cream, however, most of the time, we whip up homemade frozen dog treats.  Our frozen treats are usually put in a big Tupperware container. We scoop out with a spoon onto individual plates. This prevents melty messes on the carpets and furniture.

The other day, while out and about running errands, we came across these. I 'bout near did cartwheels down the aisles. The thought of purchasing frozen treat pop holders crossed my mind in the past, however, the ones we've looked at were....meh. But these?!?! Cutest. Pupsicle. Holders. Ever.

Can you guess what we'll be doing in the next day or so? There will be pictures to follow...

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