Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It's Wednesday And The Panic Has Set In

It's Wednesday and I'm in panic-mode. Lisa went back to work after taking 2 vacation days. While sipping my first cup of coffee and rummaging through the slew of Post-It Notes plastered on my desk, I began planning out my day and week. Week? Wait. It's not Monday. It's Wednesday. Shit. I'm already two days behind. The Quiet Corner Pet Party In The Park event is on Saturday. Three displays need to be restocked. We've got Biscuit Love to spread to the sweet shelter babies. I'm almost out of bags and labels. Double shit.

During a typical week, I start baking biscuits for the week either Sunday on the overnight or Monday mid-morning. This past Monday we were out and about collecting some last minute donations and purchasing items with money raised from a recent Bodacious Fundraiser. Tuesday, we delivered the goods, visited for a bit and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at home celebrating our anniversary with the fur-kids.

Now it's Wednesday and I've got 2 days to get a weeks' worth of baking done and prepare for an event. Right now, my brain is telling me, "Lisa, instead of writing about it, get up from your desk, get the kitchen ready and bake." However, my body, which is exhausted and still sore from the weekend (yeah, I'm out of shape), is whispering, "Have a second cup of coffee. Wake up first. Relax. Inhale. Exhale slowly."

Oh, the struggle is real, but I've got this. 

Face forward, onward march...

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