Thursday, July 23, 2015

It's Been 6 Months Since Lobo Arrived At Our Home

Earlier today, I was sitting at my desk tackling a little work stuff. My brain is fried. Lack of sleep. Too much coffee. It's Thursday. Our Bodacious Yard & Bake Sale is the day after tomorrow. One more full day to prepare and that's it. I'm running on fumes. Overload. Exhale. Lean head back in chair. Deep breath in. Exhale slowly.

Right around the third attempt to breathe in, breathe out, I hear a tiny whimper. It's Lobo. He's sitting on the floor beside my feet. He wants to be on my lap. There's a special noise for that. I know them all. Every move. Every noise. Every look. I've deciphered each and every one. Lobo. Our Lil' Lobo.

As I'm saying "Lobo" in my head, my brain conducts a simple calculation. Today isn't just about it being two days before our event. Something greater takes the spotlight. Today marks 6 months since Lobo was transported to our home. I immediately thought of the above photo. I had put together a before and after photo and posted it on my personal Facebook page a few weeks ago.

My eyes fixated on the before photo. By this time, Lobo was snuggled against my chest and drifting off into his afternoon slumber. Tears. I had almost forgotten the shape he was in when he first arrived at our home as a foster.

It would be more accurate to say it's difficult for me to think about the condition he was in. That's not something I'll ever forget. By some slim chance I do, there are photos...none of which we have made public. It will remain as such.

Our life has changed a bit since adopting Lobo in February. We knew it would, however, we have no regrets. None. With a copious amount of love and patience, Lobo has made great strides. We have earned his trust. He knows he's a part of our family and will never have to go through what he did in his previous situation...the one he was rescued from. Lobo is a happy boy. His siblings adore him.

I raise my coffee cup. Happy 6 months to our Lil' Lobo. Thank you for choosing us to be your Mamas. It's been an honor and we are so proud of you.

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