Monday, July 20, 2015

Four Reasons Why We've Stuck With Tried & True Simple Goodness

On occasion, people will ask if we still offer our Bodacious Sandwich Cookies or the other flavors we experimented with over a year ago. Cranberry Oat. Blueberry Muffin. Carrot Cake. Banana Crunch. We'll admit, these flavors were exceptionally delicious to both pups and hoomans, however, after making 'em through all 4 seasons, we made the decision to stick with our simple Peanut Butter Dog Treats.

We had our reasons...

1. Only one flavor made it through all 4 seasons. There is a process to making our biscuits that goes beyond mixing, rolling, cutting and baking. Once baked, our biscuits sit on trays in our biscuit room for about 12 ours. This is necessary for them to achieve their soft crunch. Our biscuit room is temperature controlled. This is possible during the summer months by having 2 air conditioners on high when the temperature outside exceeds 80 degrees...and the ceiling fan on high. During the winter, we use an Energy Efficient space heater for temperature control. In addition to temperature control within our home, we had to contend with outdoor temperature (shipping and events) and the temperature at our biscuit display locations.

The only biscuit that held up regardless of the temperature was our plain peanut butter biscuits. These scrumptious gems held up whether it was in the 90's or below zero. We didn't have to worry about varying temperatures when shipping or at our display locations. And, an extra bonus, you can freeze them without any issues.

2. Updated labels. Over a year ago we updated our labels and registered with the Department of Agriculture. We're licensed to distribute dog treats. In order to do this, our labels had to meet the Department of Agriculture's criteria. This would include displaying the crude protein, crude fat, etc. To obtain that information, we had to send one of our biscuits to a laboratory. The fee for that was $35. In addition, we had to pay an $80 fee to the Department of Agriculture to register our label.  What this breaks down to is a fee of $115 to register ONE flavor of biscuit. And, every year in December, we have to pay $80 PER FLAVOR to renew our license.

We did the math. To register and licence all of our original flavors, it would have cost us over $1,300.00. In addition, we'd have to pay $960 every December to renew our licence for each flavor. This would be out of our own pockets. The extra cost didn't stop there. We'd have to fork out another $360 for individual stamps we use to make our own labels. Yikes!

Was it worth paying all of that to licence & register biscuits we could only offer for a few months out of the year? No. All of those extra costs would have taken away from what we're able to do for our local animal shelters.

Once again, we're not a business. It's more of a hobby that we dedicate towards the greater good of our local animals in need. Our meager Bodacious Biscuit Love fund is spent to purchase ingredients, supplies and cover shipping costs so we can spread the biscuit love and purchase much needed items for our local animal shelters. We're still running out of pocket most weeks. It made sense to stick with the one flavor that held up through all 4 seasons.

3. Pricey ingredients. Dried fruit is expensive. Carob chips and carob powder are expensive. Top that off with the cost of getting each flavor registered and licensed...the cost would have been through the roof. With most of this coming out of our pockets, it wasn't working in our favor. We want to spread as much biscuit love as we can at the lowest possible cost. We make our own labels. We use the simplest packaging available. By keeping costs down, we can spread more biscuit love and purchase more items for our local shelters in need.

4. Feedback from the public. We embrace any and all. Hands down, since day one, our most popular flavor has been the plain peanut butter (with or without swizzle). For awhile, that stumped us, but then people came forth and reached out thanking us for providing a simple biscuit for their pups.

In this day and age, the pet industry is booming with virtually every product imaginable for dogs. This includes gourmet treats. Let's face it, dogs don't care about the shape, decoration, colored icing, bling, or whether or not a biscuit is sold at a posh dog bakery or not. Most of the mentioned caters to "hoomans." Dogs, well, they care about the taste. People have thanked us over and over for not getting caught up in "cornering every market."

This is why we will continue to provide a biscuit that's simple and made from only 4 ingredients. Like with our fur-kids, there are a copious amount of pups that aren't huge fans of icing, bling, fillings and fancy decorations.

We're keepin' it real. And, thanks to our Bodacious Community, we'll continue to do just that.

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