Monday, June 15, 2015

Our Newest Bodacious Display Is Up At Grimms Furry Tails

We're excited to announce our newest display location at Grimms Furry Tails in Ledyard, Connecticut! A gigantic, Bodacious thank you to the owners for their support and the opportunity to spread the word about Bodacious Biscuit Love.

Grimms Furry Tails is a professional pet salon offering exceptional, friendly service. They've got over 10 years experience under their belt in both pet knowledge and styling. Not only are they highly recommended by local veterinarians, pet resorts and trainers, they're also fully insured and licensed by the State of Connecticut.

We were introduced to the fine "hoomans" at Grimms Furry Tails back in December. They had a table at the Whiskers In Wonderland event that included calendars available for purchase. Included with your purchase was the chance to win a free groom. Lisa bought a calendar and put her name in. The following week, we were informed that our name had been drawn.

In February, when our lil' Lobo was in dire need of a full-works-groom, we used our gift certificate. We had no idea what to expect, however, once we stepped foot in the door and was greeted by a friendly hooman, we exhaled. The atmosphere is both relaxing and comfortable. We immediately felt at ease and had no problem letting Lobo get whisked away for his spa afternoon.

Hands down, we were nothing short of impressed! They did a fabulous job all the way around, treated Lobo like one of their own, and were sensitive to his needs. The hoomans at Grimms Furry Tails earned our respect that day and we'd recommend their services to anyone. That says a lot as we're very picky about who we trust with our fur-kids.

We are exceptionally grateful for their support and all the wonderful work they do for the community and animals. In addition to welcoming Bodacious Biscuit Love, they also assist with grooming needs for the shelter babies. Huge standing ovation!

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