Friday, June 5, 2015

An Update On Our Bodacious Blankets, Totes, Bandannas & Bands

In mid April, after weeks of deliberation, we decided to expand our Bodacious Love in the form of Bodacious Blankets, Totes, Bandannas and Bands. We had a few donations of fabric and sewing supplies roll in, a sewing machine and a monetary donation to purchase needed items. Our goal was to rev this up in May. We organized our biscuit room and supplies, used our monetary donation to purchase fabric and researched patterns and other creative ideas.

Right around the same time, things got super busy within a very short period of time...almost overnight. We launched 3 back-to-back fundraisers for a few local shelters in need of durable chew bones, food and medical funds. On May 23rd we attended an event with a full setup. Proceeds from that went to the Ledyard Animal Control Autumn's Fund. This was a last minute event with only 2 days to prepare for.

The following weekend we attended our first of many booked events that will run through the month of June. One of the weekends coming up...we have two booked events! On top of preparing for those, we've been baking, shipping and delivering biscuits to 5-6 shelters a week. In addition, we're working on setting up a couple more local displays. AND, we're in the middle of planning a Bodacious Event at our home the end of July to benefit our local animal shelters.

Needless to say, it's been non-stop around here between baking, planning, prepping and everything between. I felt the stress of, "Oh shit, it's June and I haven't sewn one blanket!" It was eating at me. I was focusing too much on what we hadn't started on time versus all we had done in a very short period of time with  our 3 fundraisers, the amount of biscuit love we were spreading to the sweet pound pups, etc.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm my own worst enemy.

One afternoon, I cracked open a bottle of wine, sat down, exhaled, glanced at our calendar and put things into perspective. More than likely, our Bodacious Blankets, Totes, Bandannas and Bands weren't going to debut in June. With events every weekend, and a double event the weekend of the 13th and 14th, it would be 'bout near impossible. However, we've nailed down July. We have one tentative event. That's it.

At our Bodacious home. End of July. More details coming so stay tuned...

It's going to stay that way. We're keeping our calendar clear for the majority of July and dedicating it to our Bodacious Blankets, Totes, Bandannas and Bands. We'll still be restocking our displays and spreading biscuit love to our local shelters however, with only event in the works, there will be lots of time to sew, sew, sew!

And we're excited about that.

On the sewing front, we're still in need of donations. That will be ongoing. If you have any spare fabric, thread, muslin, batting, pillow stuffers, etc, we could really use 'em. To those who have made donations, we are exceptionally grateful. It helps us out a lot and we appreciate it more than you'll ever know.

So, that's the plan. Perspective restored. Ahhhh...the healing powers of wine. And, exhaling.

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