Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Bodacious Thank You To The Wolcott Pound Animal Control, Staff & Volunteers

Yesterday was an extraordinary day. After a good dose of early morning coffee, we packed the car and head to the Wolcott Rabies & Micro-Chip Clinic event with a full setup. Aside from the outdoor clinic, there were vendors, a cookout, raffles, and various rescues. Normally, we don't attend events that are over an hour away. When you figure in commute time with setup, take down and the length of time for the actual event, it makes for a long day.

However, on occasion, we do make exceptions. This event was one of 'em. 

We were scheduled to attend this event last year, however, unfortunately, we had to cancel. A couple of months later, Lisa traveled to the Wolcott Pound to pick up some donations for one of our Bodacious Fundraisers. Shelters helping shelters. We love that. Something came up and I ended up having to stay home.

I was anxious to meet ACO Roslyn, Dana and the incredible staff and volunteers of the Wolcott Pound. We've been shipping biscuit love to the sweet Wolcott pound pups for almost a year. With this location being about an hour and a half away, delivering biscuits isn't something we can do on a whim. Yesterday's event was the perfect opportunity to finally meet face to face.

What a wonderful and amazing group of people. We'll definitely attend this event again next year.

In addition, prior to the event, we reached out to Judy (Piper's Mom and ACO of Bethlehem and Waterbury). Could we meet up at the event? Absolutely! It's been a while since we've visited with Judy and we wanted to meet Piper. To refresh your memory, back in February we launched a Bodacious Valentine's Day Heart Tribute To Piper. We wanted to raise funds to assist with her medical and recovery costs. At the time, Piper was only 2 months old and needed surgery to remove both of her eyes.

Bethlehem is almost 2 hours away from where we live and despite a few attempts to visit, something came up. The last time we attempted to escape for the afternoon, Lisa fell ill with the 24 hour bug.

Murphy's Law. It never fails.

Shortly after the event began, we spotted Judy and Piper. Our faces lit up. And Piper...what a sweetheart. She is an absolute love. Piper gobbled up lots of biscuits with gusto and even helped herself to our free sample bowl. We got a good chuckle over that one.

Another added bonus to our day...we had the chance to meet some of our Bodacious community face to face including Glorianne Lagnese (president of Super Paws Rescue Inc) and the incredible people over at Thank Dog Rescue. We spread biscuit love their way to share with the rescue pups up for adoption.

The entire event lasted 4 hours and it went by much too quick. We met a lot of new faces, had lots of visits from pups and their "hoomans" and spread the word about Bodacious Biscuit Love and what we do. It was a fantastic day all the way around. A Bodacious Thank You to all those who stopped by to show their support. It means the world to us!

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