Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We're Hooman Too...

Our event season is in full swing. We've got something going on every weekend in June and things are starting to book up for July and August. We love participating in events. In the weeks ahead we'll be in Ledyard, Wolcott, Windsor, New London and Putnam. As the months roll on, that list will extend.

Traveling to various locations gives us the opportunity to see familiar faces, meet new faces amid our Bodacious Community, spend time with our local Animal Control Officers as well as the staff and volunteers at the local animal shelters and make connections with other like-minded people and groups. It's a great experience all the way around.

On the flip side, planning for events is exhausting. It usually involves 3 days of non-stop baking with a tiny break here and there for a nap. Remember, we bake biscuits out of our kitchen. One tray at a time. We've attempted two trays, however, the bottom of the biscuits burn. It takes 22 minutes to bake a try and each tray yields a bag and a half of biscuits.

We're not complaining by any means. The excitement and experience trumps the long hours and preparation. 

When sleep deprivation takes it's nasty little toll, often times, a biscuit or two sneaks by that looks like this after bake time. Or, on occasion, we end up with a Bodacious Plate of Shame.

We're hooman too.

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