Monday, May 11, 2015

We're Extending Our Mission To Bring Awareness & Inspire For All Things DIY

Since publishing 'Let's Give A Bodacious Welcome To Jody Liles', a few people have inquired about all this DIY pet items we're going to be adding to our blog site. Inquiring minds want to know! The concept itself is rather simple. Do. It. Yourself. Whether it's baking treats, sewing blankets, making your own frozen treats for dogs to cool 'em off this summer or everything can skip the store-bought and make your own.

The inspiration behind all of's a little more complex as it derives from many sources.

Two occasions immediately come to mind. The first, almost 3 years ago. We were searching for dog treats our Coco would eat. Long story short, he does not eat store bought food or treats. This has everything to do with the nightmare he was rescued from. During our search, we came across a few "doggy bakeries." Their offerings teetered on posh and something you'd be more likely to find at a "doggy boutique." However, at that point, we were willing to try anything.

We chose 6 biscuits. Each biscuit was a tad bit larger than one of our Bodacious Paws. I was figuring our total would be $5-$6. I 'bout near shit my pants when the clerk rang up our biscuits and announced our total. Over $20. Casually, I said, "For 6 biscuits?" In a cookie cutter voice she replied, "Yes. They're $3.50 each." We paid the amount.

Coco sniffed the biscuits, licked one and that was it. No interest. Shortly after is when we started making our biscuits. No more high-end doggy bakeries for us.

The second was last summer. We took off for the afternoon and visited some quaint out-of-state shops. One of the shops had a rather large section filled with luxury items for dogs and cats. Nothing local. Boutique-ish. I spotted an adorable patchwork dog blanket. The colors were neutral. The squares alternated. Print. Solid. Print. Solid. It was suitable for a small to medium dog. The price was a whopping $65. My mouth hit the floor.

Do you know how many blankets I could make for $65?

The list of examples could go on and on and on. Bottom line, the anything-and-everything for your pet market is booming. Every corner is filled an no stone has been left unturned. From special mats dogs can wipe their feet on after being outside to designer pooch can find it.

Spending over $20 for 6 decked out biscuits or $65 for a posh patchwork blanket is simply not in the budget for most of us who rescue and foster. Funds are tight and are distributed towards necessities first like medical, flea & tick, vaccinations, food, etc. There is very little left over for luxury items. Often times, those who rescue and foster, as well as animal shelters, rely heavily on donations for those items like toys, treats, blankets, pet beds, apparel, etc.

Over the past few years, Lisa and I have gravitated towards DIY and we've taken notice that we're not alone. You don't have to spend a fortune to spoil and pamper your fur-kids. From treats to blankets to posh beds...YOU can make it. Best of all, some of these things can be made from stuff you might typically throw away. We've come across luxury dog beds made from old suitcases, old TV consoles or thrift store end tables.

The possibilities are endless.

We've extended our mission to bring awareness and inspire for all things DIY. And, in the weeks ahead, we'll be revving up our Bodacious Blankets, Bands, Totes and Bandannas to offer our Bodacious Community and donate to our local shelters.

Stay tuned...

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