Thursday, May 7, 2015

Let's Give A Bodacious Welcome To Jody Liles

I vaguely remember the first time I "virtually" met Jody almost 10 years ago. We were remote employees working for the same states away from each other. What I do remember is we immediately made a connection. Jody had been working for the company months before I had and she had the task of training me. Which, back then, was no small feat as I was just beginning my career in the online world. Despite my continuous state of somewhat clueless, Jody was patient and thorough with the training. My questions were always answered with a lengthy reply, screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

Within the first year of working for the company, I traveled to Texas for my first "business trip." I had the pleasure of meeting Jody face to face. Our bond strengthened over Skee-Ball and cheesecake. When our trip was over, we bid our farewells and returned home.

For the next few years (give or take a couple of months...or maybe a few), we continued to work for the same company. We put our hearts and souls into our work and chatted via IM several times a day or during company conference meetings. The amount of hours we put in far exceeded what was expected. I remember many chats in the wee hours of the morning when exhaustion made us silly or slightly incoherent.

Jody and I worked exceptionally well together, had common ground and we shared the same work ethic. Work hard. Really, really, hard. Go above and beyond. Embrace challenges. Pay attention to details. Research. Present new ideas. Improve on the old.

Our brains were, and still are, like sponges. We learned everything we could and then some. To this day, that's still happening.

What I reveled in the most was our unique sense of balance with work, new ideas, concepts, strengths and weaknesses. I remember many brainstorming sessions. An idea would surface. The excitement brewed. When our brains merged...oh, the energy was immeasurable. It wasn't a force to be reckoned with.

In the spring of 2012, we both left the company and accepted positions elsewhere. We kept in touch often. Our friendship had deep roots. Aside from work, we had shared our personal lives with each other. We had been there to see each other through the good and, on a few occasions, when the darkness weighed heavy. Through it all, we both knew our friendship would stand the test of time and regardless of what life threw at us, or how many weeks or months passed without a chat or two, we could pick up where we left off in the blink of an eye.

And that's sort of what happened earlier this year. Life had gotten busy for the both of us and we lost touch for a while. Then, one day, a message appeared. Over the winter months we caught up on life's happenings and spoke in depth about Bodacious Biscuit Love.

Jody and her husband Bill are animal people too. Big hearts. Generous souls. Down to earth. A deep respect for nature and all living things.

Jody was quick to offer her time to assist where needed. The focus was our Bodacious Biscuit Love blog site. I gave her a rundown on areas we'd like to expand on, ideas, and future goals. She presented ideas, thoughts and that's when it happened. It. Was. Like. Old. Times. Our energies merged. Yep, the dynamic duo!

One of the things we discussed was something already in the works. We've been wanting to add a pet themed DIY page and saturate it with items you can make at beds, cat treats, dog toys, frozen dog treats, gifts, blankets, etc. Any of these items can be purchased at the store, however, it often comes with a hefty price tag. When you go the route of DIY, you can spoil your pet on the cheap. And, it's a great way to repurpose items you may already have.

I could feel the excitement brewing. Jody immediately offered to help research, gather and compose write-ups for the new page we're going to add. And, she's also volunteered her time to help out in other areas on our blog site. We are nothing short of thrilled!

Welcome aboard, my sweet Jody Sun. We can't express how grateful we are to have your assistance, knowledge and radiating brilliance on board. And, it's going to be phenomenal working with you again.

On a side note, I couldn't end this post without adding this photo of Jody's wonderful husband, Bill. I've always adored this photo. 

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