Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Universe Has A Way Of Restoring Balance

I look back on this past week and it's been a mix of crazy, stressful (more on that later), busy and sweet. It's one of those weeks where I feel as if I've accomplished nothing, but when I look back, that's not the case. We shipped and delivered biscuits to 5 shelters and a sweet pup named Daisy. She was adopted from the Humane Society by two phenomenal people. We also received donations to rev up our Bodacious Blankets, Bandannas, Bands and Totes. So far, we have fabric, a small sewing machine, sewing supplies and a monetary donation to purchase much needed supplies. I can't even begin to express how grateful we are. Next weekend we'll be setting up and moving forth in that area. We're delayed a week with that, but, the reason behind the delay...well, it speaks for itself.

Four foster babies were in need of a foster home. Occasionally we foster short term to assist with babies who need to recover or require extra care. These tiny little bundles of furry love (between 3-4 weeks old) relied on a bottle. After an overnight stay at the veterinary hospital, they came here.

I work at home and sleep very little so 'round the clock care is not an issue. 

For the first few days, I made bottles every 3 hours and held each baby, one by one, while they gulped hungrily. Their feral nature didn't make this easy at first. They had very little interest in being held and massaged. My hands are covered in scratches. I have a few on my face as two of the babies climbed my face in attempts to escape being held. However, in the few days they've been with us, that has changed. Now, they sit, suckle, purr and slightly crave affection.

Tonight we introduced the babies to my infamous formula mash. It was time. All four kittens began chewing on the nipple. Their cries for food started well before the next scheduled feeding. The formula wasn't filling their bellies. We laid a pad on the counter and before giving each baby a bottle, we put the tray of mash before them. It was a huge hit. Once they got their fill, we gave them a little formula from the bottle. Then, a bath. Lack of coordination and formula mash equals messy babies. The front of my shirt was decorated in milk-mouth and mash-mouth smears.

I happen to adore this look.

Over the next few days the babies, who we have named Towanda, Kiko, Chewie and Stitch, will continue to be weaned off the bottle as they transition to soft food and water. They're being exposed to household noises, our fur-kids, barking, outside noises, etc. On Thursday, they will venture to their final foster home. Their new foster family has "hooman" children. The babies will have the opportunity to get used to those touches, noises and routines.

Being a part of their journey has been amazing and such an honor. Nothing mutes the craziness of life more than a tiny baby, that fits in the palm of your hand, sucking on a bottle while kneading your fingers. The world around me stopped during those moments. It's a humbling experience. Life. In our hands. Completely dependent. The beginning of their lifelong journey. I imagined what they'd look like all grown up. Animated personalities.

And, weeks like this, reminds me that we're surrounded by a like-minded community of people who don't hesitate to come forth to assist. Aside from the generous donations for our Bodacious Blankets, Bands, Bandannas and Totes, our community came forth to assist. Kimlyn (Ledyard ACO) and John Marshall visited us twice over the weekend to deliver supplies and meds. They're dear friends of ours and being in their presence always soothes our souls. Laurel Cox ordered kitten formula and had it shipped to our home. It arrived just in time. And, the wonderful staff at All Friends Animal Hospital took time out of their busy Saturday to tend to an urgent health concern we had with one of the babies and provided medicine.

It takes a community to foster these babies so they can eventually be adopted into their furever homes. 

Despite the exhaustion, I needed a week like this. The universe has a way of shifting and restoring balance. I call them shimmy shakes. The stress of this week (as mentioned, more on that later) was balanced out by some goodness.

Lots of it. 

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