Thursday, April 23, 2015

If You'd Like To Grab Some Biscuits, It's Simple...

I really want to start this post off with, "If I received a dime every time someone mentioned they couldn't find where to order biscuits on our site, we could buy a few jars of peanut butter." However, as I replay that cliche in my head, it leans towards...well, rude. We're not rude people. So, we'll start by saying, people write in to let us know there isn't a designated area on our site to order biscuits.
You're absolutely correct. There isn't. 

We understand the confusion. For those who shop online, you know the process. Shop. Add items to your cart. Checkout. Done. If we were a business, we'd hire a web designer to create a website where customers could place orders. However, we're not. A year ago we made the decision to create a blog-style-site rather than a web-style-site. 

Which I desperately need to spend more time on.

It's a place where our Bodacious Community can visit and keep updated on what's happening with us, our biscuits, events we'll be attending, fundraisers we're launching or helping out with, etc. We'll be adding more features and categories as time goes on like Bodacious Artisans, DIY pet-themed crafts, and our Bodacious Love Blankets, Bandannas, Bands and Totes

Did I mention I needed to spend more time working on this blog site?

If you'd like to grab some bags of biscuits, it's simple. Message us on our Bodacious Biscuit Love Facebook page or email us at If you'd like more information on our biscuits and shipping charges, it's all here

Or you can continue to read through this post.

We ask a $5 donation per bag of biscuits. If you're local, we'll be more than happy to deliver within a reasonable distance. Or, you can make arrangements to pick up. We also ship. Please keep in mind shipping charges apply. For payment, you can choose from PayPal, checks or cash. 

All ya gotta do is let us know how many bags you'd like and we'll go from there. 

I told you it was simple.

As always, we love hearing from you. Whether it's to request biscuits or write in with a suggestion or two, we welcome any and all. 

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