Friday, March 27, 2015

We're Lovin' The DIY Doggy Beds & Pet Pillows

We have two doggy beds. One in the bedroom. The other in our home office. We're lookin' to get a few more to scatter around the house. We've determined that Lobo (his story is coming soon) is unable to lay on non-cushioned surfaces. He doesn't stretch out on the carpet or kitchen floor. And, he isn't able to jump on the sofa or bed. Providing comfy beds throughout the house is a must. This allows him to be near us while we're baking biscuits, playing cards, tackling work at the desk, etc.

As huge fans of DIY, we've been considering making additional doggy beds versus purchasing them at the store. A durable dog bed that's going to endure multiple fur-kids and lots of wear and tear often times comes with a hefty price tag. In the past, we've forked over $20 for cheaper ones. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. DIY dog beds are much cheaper than store-bought and it gives you the freedom to create your bed of choice, use up old fabric and repurpose items you might otherwise throw away.

Have you seen the DIY dog beds made out of suitcases? Brilliant!

To fuel our enthusiasm, a few weeks ago we received two DIY Pet Pillows from the Ledyard C.H.A.I.N., Inc. One large. The other, small. Sophie immediately jumped on the sofa and claimed the larger one as hers. Since then, it's been her favorite place to lounge and nap. The pet pillows have been a huge hit!

We're inspired!

The decision was made. No. More. Store-Bought. We're skipping down the road of DIY. And, to go a step further, we're considering adding a new tab for all things Pet Themed DIY. Why fork out $50 or more for a dog bed when you can make your own? The possibilities are endless.

To get you started...

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Have you made your own pet bed? We'd love to see photos and feature your creation!

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