Monday, March 30, 2015

Over 800 Bodacious Easter Biscuits Baked Over The Weekend!

What happens on the weekend before our Bodacious Easter Biscuit run? This! Most of the weekend was spent in the kitchen. Baking. Lots of baking. By Sunday night we had baked a little over 800 Bodacious Easter biscuits. Most of these biscuits will be delivered to local shelters on Friday, April 3rd. We've put the entire day aside to make deliveries and visit with the sweet pound pups. The excitement is brewing!

And, what are we doing today? This! Our large Easter shaped biscuits are getting swizzled and topped with festive sprinkles and sugars. Once this is done...the baking continues! We'll be ready to package 'em up on Thursday. Friday...we're loading the car and taking off in the morning. This year, we have a special assistant who'll be accompanying us. Who could it be?

Stay tuned...

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