Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our Bodacious Easter Biscuits Are Available Today Through March 31st

This year, Easter falls on April 5th! Gasp! In the back of my head, I knew it was right around the corner however, glancing at the calendar made it a reality. It's time to break out the Easter and Spring biscuit cutters! And...that's exactly what we did. Like with every holiday, we make a batch of biscuits using our holiday cutters. From there, we decorate accordingly, take photos and post. And, with the reality of Easter being right around the corner...yikes!

Our Bodacious Easter Biscuits are available today through March 31st. This year, you've got 2 choices. The first...a bag of large, swizzled Easter eggs and bunnies (mixed) with festive sprinkles. Or, you can opt for a bag of small, plain Easter biscuits. We're asking a $5 donation per bag. We'll be more than happy to ship these to you. Shipping charges apply and we'll be sending these out of March 30, 31 and April 1. They'll arrive in plenty of time for Easter!

All proceeds will be funding our Bodacious Easter Biscuit Run that will happen on Friday, April 3rd! On that day, we'll be heading out in the morning and delivering Bodacious Easter Biscuits to local animal shelters and visiting with the sweet pound pups. Remember our Bodacious Easter Basket week from last year? We had a blast and we're doing it again this year!  We'll also be sending Bodacious Easter packages to a few shelters further away.

In addition, we also have our Spring and Summer flowers available! We're also asking a $5 donation per bag for these sweet, crunchy gems.

If interested, please contact us so we can get you hooked up with some festive Easter and Bodacious Flower love! 

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