Thursday, March 12, 2015

Introducing...Bodacious Paws

We're addicted to cookie cutters. One of the drawers in the kitchen is filled with our most popular shapes. Under the counter, there are some stored in Tupperware bins. Seasonal shapes. Various shaped bones. Doggy themed cookie cutters. We're always adding to our collection and we like to experiment.

In 2013 we received a paw-shaped cookie cutter and used it once to make a prize basket. It's been sitting in the drawer since. Last week, we decided to use it again. The following day, after swizzling a bunch of Bodacious Shamrocks, I lined the counter with the batch of paw-shaped biscuits and added dollops of swizzle.

These. Are. Kind. Of. Cool.

When Lisa arrived home from work, I showed her. It was love at first sight.

What if we named 'em Bodacious Paws? Yes.

Bodacious Paws will be added to our weekly baking routine. We made a few bags to include at our All Friends Animal Hospital display along with a few other shapes including flowers and fire hydrants.

In the weeks ahead we'll be posting photos of all the shapes we offer including our seasonal selections. the next week, our Bodacious Easter Biscuits will be available.

Stay tuned...

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