Friday, January 16, 2015

Our First Bodacious Fundraiser Of 2015

Last year we had quite a few Bodacious Fundraisers and, with the generosity and stellar teamwork from our Bodacious Community, we were able to purchase food, toys, blankets, cleaning supplies and other necessities for local animal shelters. I can't even begin to describe how awesome it feels to walk into a store, purchase these items and deliver the goods to the shelters. During checkout, while we're emptying the cart, I look at Lisa with the biggest smile on my face and say, "We did this." And by "we" I'm referring to our incredible Bodacious Community.

This year, our goal is to launch a fundraiser once a month to assist local animal shelters. And, of course, to spread as much biscuit love as we can to the sweet shelter and rescue pups every week. A few days ago we launched our first Bodacious Fundraiser of 2015. This time around, we're raising money to purchase blankets for the Friends of Windsor Animal Care & Control. It's the winter season and blankets are a much needed item at a lot of shelters.

To raise these funds, we decided to have a lil' fun and offer a Bodacious Grab Bag for a $10 donation or $15 if you need it shipped. These bags will be filled with at least $10 worth of biscuits. Some plain. Others swizzled. Big bones. Little bones. Maybe a fun shape or two. You'll definitely get your money's worth and who doesn't love a surprise, right?!

You have through January 20th to get your hands on a Bodacious Grab Bag or two. Every penny earned will be used to purchase blankets for the Windsor shelter pups...and, as always, we'll post photos! If interested, please contact us.

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