Sunday, January 25, 2015

Keeping Your Dog Safe During A Blizzard

What was only supposed to be a few inches of snow has turned into a blizzard warning for the entire state of Connecticut. The pandemonium is picking up. People are rushing to the stores for bread and milk. Store shelves are empty. A few gas stations have run out of gas. Home Depot is packed. While I will admit we completed our grocery shopping early and filled the car with gas, there is no panic on our end. The thought of being snowed in for a couple of days sounds quite blissful.

Two day shipping delays and having to play catch up in the days to follow...not so blissful.

While us "hoomans" are preparing for the anticipated two or three feet of snow, it's important to ensure your pups are safe too and all precautions are taken into consideration...

1. Food & Pet Medications - Roads will close and, more than likely, with 2-3 feet of snow, there will be travel bans. And, your veterinary clinic may not be open for a couple of days during the cleanup process. It's always a good idea to make sure your pets have enough food and medications to get them through until roads are cleared and safe for travel.

2. Grab the Leash - When the wind is whipping and there are whiteout conditions, your dog may panic and bolt. It's also difficult to keep sight of them even if they wander only a few feet away. And, let's not forget the plows cruising up and down the roads. When it's time to do their business, or take a quick walk, it's best to have them on a leash.

3. Bundle Your Baby Up - Dogs can get frostbite too and with blizzard winds, the chance of that happening drastically increases. Make sure they're protected from the elements with dog coats, dog booties, and/or a hat.

4. Power Outages - If you lose power, your electric fence will be inoperable. Need I say more?

5. Snow Depth - As mentioned by the wonderful people at the Wolcott Dog Pound, with deep snow, your dog may not recognize they're boundaries. Turn up your electric fence to off-set the snow depth. Also, with 2-3 feet of snow, it will be very easy for your dog to get over the fence.

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