Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Connecticut Anti-Tethering Law & Cold Weather Safety For Dogs

Here in Connecticut, and much of New England, the temperatures are expected to drop into the single digits and below zero. Tomorrow night, the windchill could reach THIRTY below. The first word that came to mind when I read that was dangerous...not just for us "hoomans" but for your fur-babies as well.

Governor Malloy has activated the state's (Connecticut) severe cold weather protocol today through Saturday. Thanks to the passage of PA-13-189, the CT Anti-Tethering Law, this means that NO dog may be left outside in these conditions. You can read more about that on the EARS (Emergency Animal Response Service) website.

When the weather gets this cold, it is up to YOU to be the voice of the voiceless. It IS a matter of life or death. In temperatures below freezing, it only takes minutes for dogs to get hypothermia and frostbite. Their fur will not protect them from the frigid temperatures for any length of time. Heat escapes from their feet.

It is against the law for anyone to leave their dog outside in severe or extreme weather conditions. If you see a dog left outdoors for more than 15 minutes when it's this cold, call your local animal control officer or police department. Do not hesitate. Like I said, it is a matter of life or death. If you see something SAY something! Speak up. Don't just walk away.

And, make sure to keep YOUR pets safe during the cold weather months. You may think being outdoors for only 5 or 10 ten minutes is "safe" however, it's important to be aware of when your dog is too cold.

For more information, you can check out 'Cold Weather Pet Tips' at EARS and 'Cold Weather Pet Safety' from the people at the American Veterinary Medical Association. For a Cold Weather Pet Safety Printable Brochure, go here.

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