Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Bodacious Recap Of A Very Busy December

I say this every takes weeks to prepare for Christmas and then POOF, it's over. Just. Like. That. And here it is, two days after Christmas and I'm sitting here exhaling for the first time since the first week of December. I'll admit, my head is bowed a little from embarrassment. I had every intention of updating our blog site frequently throughout the month of December. Many times I muttered, "I need to post something...anything." However, I just never got around to it. We baked non-stop for about 2 weeks. Then, it came time to package everything, ship and deliver. I was running on fumes. Sleep. Deprivation.

I've spent the last couple of days catching up on housework, completing a couple of small projects around the house and organizing our Bodacious Biscuit Room. The holiday stuff is all put away until next year. And I finally got around to switching out our summer clothes for winter clothes. The totes of winter clothing have been sitting in the bedroom for several weeks now. I lost track how many times I've said, "I'll get to it today."

Later this afternoon, biscuit baking will commence. However, before that happens I want to recap the month of December for ya.

It'll ease my guilt a little for slacking on the blog site for the past few weeks. 

Our "12 Shelters of Christmas" was a success! We featured some amazing Animal Control Officers on our Bodacious Biscuit Love Facebook page. We shipped and delivered Bodacious Holiday Packages to their shelters. The packages were filled with biscuits for the pups and homemade chocolate chip cookies for the "hoomans."

On December 7th we attended the Whiskers in Wonderland event at the Gales Ferry Fire Department. We had a full setup and almost sold out! The event was nothing short of amazing and we met a lot of wonderful people and pups. This is definitely an event that we'll be participating in next year too!

This is a small fraction of the amount of biscuits and "hooman" cookies we baked, shipped and delivered over the holiday season.

During the busiest week in December, we had tables of trays piled high with biscuits. This photo doesn't do justice to how high the mountain o' biscuits were stacked. It got to the point where I had to start packaging because I wasn't able to add more biscuits. It was like Biscuit Jenga.

Cheyanne and her daddy, Maxx, stopped by for some biscuits. Do you remember Cheyanne? She was the sweet pregnant pup that resided at the Ledyard pound over the summer. Once her puppies were old enough, Maxx adopted her. She's the pup featured on our Bodacious Biscuit Love card. Although we were very happy to see this wonderful pair, it was a sad day. Cheyanne and Maxx moved to Louisiana on December 15th. However, they're going to keep in touch and Cheyanne will still get her biscuits!

While we're on the subject of sweet Cheyanne, we've got something to share with you. A couple of months ago, I entered this photo in a contest over at the Plainfield Veterinary Hospital. About a week ago Lisa received a phone call with some exciting news. This photo was chosen to be featured in their 2015 calendar. I'm almost certain they said it would be the November photo. We are super excited and can't wait until the calendars are available to purchase.

This was the scene after a 24 hour stretch of baking, packaging and boxing up Holiday Biscuit Love. After all was said and done, I crawled into bed, snuggled with our fur-kids and slept for 5 hours. I don't even remember my head hitting the pillow.

Two very dear friends of ours, Kimlyn and John, and our fur-niece Smudge, volunteered to assist with making deliveries and restocking our displays the week before Christmas. We can't thank them enough! Lisa was working a ton of hours and we were pressed for time. Their assistance was greatly appreciated.

On December 20th we had a very special visitor at our Bodacious home! Judy, the Animal Control Officer over in Bethlehem and Woodbury, was in the area. Before making the almost 2 hour drive home, she stopped by for a visit. I whipped up quiche and cookies and we had a fabulous lunch!

Over the summer, during our 'Cans for Cookies' fundraiser, Rosie Sheridan of Maine reached out to us wanting to make a food donation. During our discussion she mentioned how she and her mom spread the love to the shelter babies in Maine. Rosie buys yarn and her mom makes these beautiful blankets. Also, throughout the year, they purchase toys and treats. During the holiday season, Rosie visits a shelter to donate the blankets, toys and treats. During our conversation, I told Rosie to let us know when she'd be visiting the shelter so we could send some bags o' biscuits for her to include. She reached out to us the week before Christmas and we shipped 2 boxes of biscuits. Rosie visited the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk and handed out some biscuit love!

We shipped out a last minute box of Holiday Biscuit Love to this sweet baby. Wilson caught our attention and is currently in the care of the wonderful people over at Furry Friends Foster and Rescue Inc. He's about 6 years old and arrived severely matted and emaciated. Wilson is in good hands now and on the path of recovery thanks to some big hearts and generous people.

The second week of December we entered our lil' Coco bug in the Rescue Dog Holiday Gift Box contest. We posted his story, along with this photograph, and on December 17th at 9 p.m. the pup with the most "likes" would win a gift box filled with goodies and toys. Well, Coco had over 130 likes and came in first place! He was so excited! Many thanks to everyone who voted for him.

Overall, December was an awesome month! We want to thank everyone who purchased biscuits, spread the word and helped to make our "12 Shelters of Christmas" possible. Our Bodacious community rocks and we're looking forward to another phenomenal year of spreading the biscuit love to all the sweet pups.

And...on that note, it's time to put on the frilly apron and bake, bake, bake!

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