Wednesday, November 26, 2014

From Our Bodacious Home To Yours...Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday was hectic. Beyond busy. And. The. Kitchen. Was. Cluttered. I have a deep aversion for clutter. For the past few days our new Bodacious display shelf, that we're moving to All Friends Animal Hospital, has been in the kitchen. Lisa had painted it over the weekend. In addition we're behind on transitioning our wardrobe from summer to winter. One of the large clothes totes has been sitting on the kitchen floor. There's more to follow, but I need to unload the winter clothes from this tote and repack it with summer stuff.

As most of you know (or maybe not), we're fostering a pregnant kitty for a local shelter. Our biscuit room, which we use to cool biscuits and house our supplies, has temporarily been converted into a kitty palace. For a short while, we've had a card table set up in the office (much smaller than our 7 foot cooling table) to cool biscuits and we've used our kitchen table and some counter space. It's a temporary fix...although, at times, it contributes to my "clutter frustrations." But...what matters is mama kitty, who we've nicknamed Punkie, is safe, warm and she can have her babies in a home environment rather than a shelter.

On top of the shelf and large tote, I had quite a few large shipping boxes piled in the kitchen, t-shirts and sweatshirts sorted out for fundraising orders, several dozen bags covering the kitchen table and counters and address labels taped to the kitchen cabinets. Things were running fairly smooth until I started having issues with the packing tape.

This will be the first and last time we try to save a few bucks on packing tape by purchasing a jumbo roll without a dispenser. 

Shortly after, I ran out of space to organize empty boxes, partially filled boxes and boxes that were ready to be taped and addressed. And...the grand finale was tripping over a box.

Grace is not my middle name.

Once I established there were no injuries from my fall and after a copious amount of F-Bombs dropped (I'm human), I came to a screeching halt. There I was standing in the middle of our Bodacious kitchen. Exhale. Deep breath in. Exhale. Then, I did a slow 360...taking in everything that surrounded me. Total. Biscuit. Chaos. Like a slightly crazed woman, I started giggling and muttered, "There is greatness happening right here."

After another exhale, I continued on with packaging biscuits, taping boxes and making out address labels.

It's moments like this, and so many others, that I think, "We wouldn't change a thing." There is a copious amount of "goodness" that takes place in our Bodacious home each and every single day. Some days run smooth while others warrant a glass or two of wine come dinnertime...and everything between. However, despite all, we honestly wouldn't alter a single bit.

We can't even begin to express how thankful we are for our Bodacious community, the connections we've made over the past year and the constant display of teamwork towards the greater good. The support has been nothing short of amazing. Without this support, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. It truly is about teamwork and like minded people coming together and doing some really great stuff.

Tomorrow, when it's time to raise our glasses to make a toast and think about all that we are grateful for...just know that we are giving thanks to all of YOU. From our Bodacious home to yours...have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Keep warm, stay safe, eat lots, flirt with the dessert table more than once and enjoy every moment!

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