Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bodacious T-Shirt & Biscuit Packages To Benefit Sweet Baby Fox

Thursday started out like any other day. I fell asleep at 5 in the morning, got up a few hours later, coffee, get comfy at my desk, glanced over the bazillion multi-colored Post-it notes scattered on my desk and I started tackling the "Today's To Do" list. Busy day. Every hour was planned out. I was behind on a few things, had some work stuff to get done, and I needed to bake biscuits. I began my day with gusto. Then...something happened. I saw THIS sweet baby on my news feed.

Meet Fox. He was found abandoned sometime late Tuesday in Gales Ferry, CT and turned over to the Ledyard Animal Control. In the day or so to follow, they discovered he had quite a few old injuries stemming from neglect and abuse including a luxating patella, hip out of joint, staph sores, ccl tear and emaciation. Fox is about 8 years old and in rather rough shape.

After briefly speaking to the ACO in Ledyard, we immediately launched a fundraiser. And, when I say immediately, we whipped up a fundraising package within an hour. We also arranged to deliver some biscuit love that afternoon.

I posted the Bodacious T-Shirt & Biscuit Package fundraiser on our Facebook page as well as my personal page. The post included Fox's story and the condition he was in. Funds were needed for his medical care. For a $20 donation (or $25 if it needed to be shipped), you got a decent bundle...4 dog themed, "hooman" t-shirts in your choice of sizes and a bag of biscuits.

What happened next was nothing short of amazing. People came forth wanting to help. I received messages from people who wanted to purchase a Bodacious T-Shirt & Biscuit Package. Within a couple of hours we raised a little over $100. We had donations from people in CT, NH, MD and even California! I had a hard time keeping up with everyone who was contacting me about Fox.

Meanwhile, Lisa was on her way to visit Fox and deliver some biscuit love. The ACO sent me a few photos of Fox getting his first taste of crunchy goodness.

I posted these photos on both Facebook pages. More people reached out. I sat at my desk on a few occasions in tears at both the generosity and teamwork from our Bodacious community and beyond. By that evening, we had raised close to $400.

The following day we visited Fox. He was heading to his foster home and that made our day! His foster mom is a wonderful woman and we knew he'd be loved and spoiled. After our visit, we ventured down to the Ledyard pound to meet up with some people who were stopping by to pick up their Bodacious T-Shirt and Biscuit packages.

Fox is in the best of hands and is surrounded by so many people who are assisting with his recovery. Between the wonderful staff at All Friends Animal Hospital, LLC, the "Fox Needs Our Help" fundraiser set up by the fabulous people over at Ledyard C.H.A.I.N, Fox's foster home, the donations and the generous community of people who have come forth...Fox will be heading down the path of recovery.

We will be offering our Bodacious T-Shirt & Biscuit Bundles through the end of December. If you're interested, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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