Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Bodacious Yard & Bake Sale Was A Huge Success

I am wiped. We're both wiped. Today was spectacular! Our Bodacious Yard & Bake sale was a huge success, loads of fun and, best of all, lots of people from our Bodacious community stopped by to say hi. Some were people we see frequently while others we met for the first time.

Teresa and her sister, Tammy, drove almost 2 hours to attend this event and it was the first time we've met face to face. Big. Huge. Hugs. These two ladies radiate with positive energy and they've got big hearts. We were overjoyed that they spent the afternoon with us and we're looking forward to seeing them again!

Kimlyn is the ACO down at the Ledyard Pound. She spent the day with us and brought 2 sweet babies from the pound who are up for adoption.  About a week ago, we were talking and she said something about holding a "Yard Sale" sign at the end of the road dressed in her pumpkin costume. I thought she was joking. Nope. She was serious. For about an hour she shook her groove thing at the end of our road while holding the sign. We heard cars honking their horns. Kimlyn rocks and we absolutely adore her.

Our fur nephew and nieces, Dusty, Lucy and Cheyanne were the first pups to show up in round 9:30 in the morning! They all received their treat bags filled with pumpkin shaped biscuits and a little crunchy love while they visited.

Our dear friend, Annie, was there at 8 in the morning to help with setup and she ran the Ledyard Tee & Sweatshirt table for us. One of the babies up for adoption is this sweet lil' nugget, Sherman. They bonded and Sherman spent most of the time in Annie's arms.

Another good friend of ours, Brenda, stopped by with the famous Miss Beckett. She wasn't too thrilled about dressing up, but she knew I was standing only a couple of feet away with biscuits in hand. She got lots of biscuit love for being such a good sport.

Katie and her family visited our event and brought a basket filled with dog food, treats and toys for the Bethlehem shelter dogs. There's going to be a lot of happy, waggin' tails in Bethlehem when we deliver this basket.

This sweet pup showed up dressed in one of the cutest costumes we've ever seen! The picture doesn't do justice. We all fell in love.

This is the first time I've ever seen a bride and groom costume for pups. These two were inseparable and it was love at first sight.

I don't usually pose for photos and I'm not a fan of selfies. However, Teresa wanted a picture of us. I hid behind Lisa. She's holding our sweet Sophie. SO we are!

As mentioned, we had a successful day. More so, we got to spend the day with some incredible people. There was a tremendous amount of support. It was the perfect way to celebrate Bodacious Bisciut Love's 1 year anniversary.

Thanks to all of YOU, we will be able to spread an enormous amount of biscuit love to the sweet shelter pups this holiday season. We reached our goal for the 12 Shelters of Christmas. The Ledyard Tees & Sweatshirt table had a few sales and the Bethlehem Shelter Dogs will be getting food, treats and toys that will last them a while. We were speechless by the love and generosity.

More good news...two very special pups chose their "hoomans" and were adopted. Yayy!! We were overjoyed with the news.

Another huge thank you to everyone in our Bodacious community for your support, generosity and for helping out with our event! 

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