Saturday, September 20, 2014

Perspective Is A Beautiful Thing

In just a few short days the summer season will officially transition to fall. Saying farewell to summer has been a little difficult for me this year. It went by too quick. In past years, our porch decor is all set up for fall by the first week of September. This year...not so much. The bird bath is sitting in the middle of our walkway. Summer blooms are still adorning our porch railings. The cornstalks and pumpkins are hiding in the back yard. Not yet. Not yet. Not yet.

Last night, after dark, we stood outside on the front porch and I noticed our neighbor had their Halloween lights up already. Another neighbor decorated the front of her house with mums and pumpkins. I stood there, hands on hip, and exclaimed, "Oh no they didn't."

After a cup of tea and a bowl of apple crisp, I exhaled. Perspective. Mother Nature is not a force to be reckoned with. The days are cooler. At night, I'm scurrying to the closet to retrieve my fleece pants, hoodie and plush slippers. My craving for apples is blowing through the roof. The sight of the air conditioners in the windows is irritating me. Fall. Is. Here.

Not to mention, it's my favorite season.

Although I'm not parading through piles of leaves with my arms in the air while singing the song of my peoples, I may just be enjoying this transition a little more than I had anticipated. Perspective is a beautiful thing...

1. Pumpkins - I fall into the minority with the whole pumpkin charade. These orange bundles of goodness are overpriced. For that very reason, they stay intact at our household. On the porch. By the cornstalks. A day or so after Halloween, I bring the pumpkins in, gut 'em out and roast the seeds. The rest of the pumpkin gets chunked up and baked. I remove the peel. At that point, you have the same shit you buy in a can at the store. Pumpkin puree. I bag it up and freeze. Throughout the fall and winter months I make pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread and pumpkin pies. It's worlds better than using the canned stuff.

2. Halloween - We don't dress up nor do we attend Halloween costume parties. We celebrate the night trick-or-treat is scheduled. My wife and I both enjoy seeing the little kids dressed up in costumes with their life-sized pail of sugary confections. The operative word is little. I don't do well with the older kids...especially those who hold out pillowcases expecting you to toss in a handful of candy. That shit is expensive! And, to boot, there is no please or thank you accompanying their greedy attempts at acquiring candy. It's sad when a 4 year old has better manners than a 14 year old. On a side note, I am more than thrilled to announce we'll be handing out our Bodacious Biscuits to pet parents who want to bring their sweet pups to our door...dressed in costumes of course.

3. Baking - It's no secret I bake. All. The. Time. This was the first summer in which I got to experience baking 'round the clock during the hottest season of the year. In prior years, I go on a baking hiatus during the summer months. This year, we had to purchase an air conditioner just for the kitchen. It was an eye opener. Although it stayed cool in our Bodacious household, the summer proved to be an eye opener. More to come on that...

4. Soupy Slurps - I have an obsession with soup. I indulged twice over the summer. I couldn't wait until the cold weather months to whip up a batch. True addicts slurp on a bowl of soup regardless of the scorching temperatures. It doesn't matter if there's a trail of sweat dripping down your back. Must. Eat. Soup. This summer, our neighbors had an abundance of fresh produce that they shared with us. Most of it was chopped and be enjoyed in soups over the winter. We are so grateful for their generosity. Let the soup fest begin.

5. Bye Bye Bugs - Stepping outdoors at night during the summer is not something I enjoy. One word...bugs. The hot and humid temperatures have a steroid effect on bugs. The y grow to epic proportions. Once the porch light is flipped on, they flock to the porch in masses. I scurry inside while screaming and sporting some rather impressive ninja moves. Once inside I sift through my mound o' hair as I stand under the living room light so Lisa can inspect. I've got some serious hair...enough to harbor endangered species. A bug caught in the web of my hair would throw me over the edge. I would need to be sedated at that point. Once we've had our first good, hard frost...the bugs disappear. I can exhale until late spring.

6. Mound O' Blankets - My wife and I are polar opposite in this department. She can sleep in shorts, a tank top, cover up with 2 blankets and remain comfortable during the fall and winter months. A times, that's even too much and she'll complain of being too warm. On the other end of the stick, once it gets below 70, I'm bundled up in fleece lounge pants, a long sleeved shirt, hoodie, sherpa lined slippers, 8 blankets and I'll still be cold. She says there are too many blankets on the bed, In my opinion, there's not enough. It's a constant battle, but one that we laugh at.

7. Blissful Silence - By the time March hits, I'm frothing at the mouth. The stale air is getting to me and I want nothing more than to open every window in the house. Fresh. Air. There's nothing like it. However the first few months after taking out the air conditioner/s, I'm in total bliss. It's finally quiet. I'm not jolted out of a sound sleep by the sound of neighbors weed whacking or revving up a poorly wired lawnmower. I dont' have t listen to the kids outside screaming as if their limbs are being severed with a butter knife. Random bouncy or basket balls aren't being thrown up against the house.

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