Monday, August 4, 2014

What's On Top Of That Dog Gone Good PupCake?

photo courtesy of Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes

Over the weekend I was lazily scrolling through my news feed. I came across THIS. Scrolled a little more. Then it hit. Wait! I scrolled back up for a second look. That biscuit looks familiar! So does that cupcake and background. Who? What? Where? Huh?

On Saturday, in Southington, Connecticut, there was an event going on. The Canine Carnival. It hosted a 3rd annual reunion & adoption, adopted pups, a Doggie 5K Fun Walk and the Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes truck was there with Dog Gone Good PupCakes with a swizzle love biscuit on top! How. Cool. Is. That. We had no idea, but these are the kind of surprises we like.

This is one of the MANY reasons why Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes is simply AH-MAY-ZING. Their AH-MAY-ZING-NESS is why we made an exception to our "within a reasonable amount of distance" rule. Yes, the owners, husband and wife duo, won the Food Network Cupcake Wars in the fall of 2013. Is that exciting? Abso-freaking-lutely! To boot, both my wife and I remember that episode. this the reason why we set up a display there?


Nicole and Jeremy have a deep seeded talent that they've taken to the tenth power. You don't just walk onto the set of Cupcake Wars, turn on the KitchenAid mixer, work your magic and win. To do what they did involved a melting pot of talent, creativity, chemistry, hours upon hours of hard work, determination, drive and giving it your all. They did just that. It didn't stop there.

Nicole and Jeremy create epic cupcakes and cakes from classy to crazy and everything between at a that they've poured their heart and soul into. Their bakery. It's an eclectic mix of retro decor, bold colors and scattered memorabilia creating an oasis that's both relaxing and visually stimulating. Grab a cupcake, ice cream or some balls. Help yourself to a cup of coffee. Have a seat. Relax. Enjoy. On the way out, browse some of the local artisan displays. Grab some cupcakes to take home. Hurry, though, on that one. Most days they sell out.

The cupcakes. Holy. Cupcake. Bliss. Their cupcakes aren't just sweet confections we know as dessert. They're masterpieces. Works of art. An experience like none other. Each flavor is a perfect balance of cake, butter-cream and toppings. You'll also find a delectable selection of gluten-free an vegan.

Beyond that, this husband and wife duo are remarkable people who give back to the community and contribute to local shelters and rescue. They support other local businesses by using local beer, liquor, spices and produce when baking. Both Nicole and Jeremy are down to earth, hardworking people with a unique style and vivacious personalities that radiate. They take pride in their work, food, bakery and community.

That is why, every other week, we pack the car with biscuits and make the hour-and-a-half journey to Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes. We look forward to our visits, conversations, banter and the treats we leave with. They welcome us with a cheerful smile, take time out of their busy schedule to chat with us and go above and beyond to get the word out there about Bodacious Biscuit Love.

And that's the hardcore truth.

photo courtesy of Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes

Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes is located at 20 Main Street in Oakville, Connecticut. Stop by. Check it. Bring your sweet tooth. It's worth the trip. And...don't forget to check out their Facebook page.

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