Friday, August 8, 2014

A Sweet Afternoon At The Bethlehem Shelter

A week ago we launched our Bethlehem Shelter Dogs Fundraiser and it was a huge success! We almost doubled our goal. This time around, we offered jumbo bags of biscuits nestled in a decorative container for a $10 donation, During the first few days of our fundraiser, we could barely keep up. Towards the end, we almost doubled our goal.

Last night was the big night. We ventured out to shop for Kong toys, Nylabone chews, peanut butter and other sturdy chew toys. Every penny from the fundraiser was spent...and then some. Regardless of how many fundraiser we do, the excitement of purchasing items with money raised will never fade. As we unloaded the items from our cart during checkout, I kept thinking, "We did this!!" And, by "we" I don't just mean Lisa and I. We, as a community, came together and accomplished something quite remarkable. It's all about teamwork.

Another burst of excitement that'll never fizzle out is the day we deliver the goods. Whether it's a carload of food, a basket or two of toys or we're spreading the Bodacious Biscuit Love, we're always greeted with a friendly smile and a copious amounts of astonishment. The ACO's, staff and volunteers are thankful for all of the donations. These men and woman, both young and older, work their asses off day and night to care for the shelter animals with a limited budget. There is very little, if any, funds for extras like toys and peanut butter. When items like these are donated, they're overjoyed.

What tugs at our heartstrings the most are moments like this. Sometimes, it's a gentle moment such as this one that I happen to catch while behind the lens. Other times, it's the wagging tails. Have you ever seen a dog shake with anticipation for a treat or new toy? They can barely sit and keep still. This is one of the many things that motivates us to keep doing what we're doing.

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