Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Little Fundraiser Love For The Bethlehem Shelter Dogs

A couple of days ago we launched another little fundraiser for the Bethlehem shelter dogs. Before I dive into the details of this one, let me shed a little light on a few misconceptions about shelters and pounds. In the past, people have asked general questions about donating items and why so many shelters ask for public donations. People are curious. The questions are legit. Many moons ago, I was in the dark as well.

It's like this...shelters have to work within a certain budget. This varies from city to city and town to town. Think back to a time in your life when you were on a strict budget. Maybe it was during your college days when a can of Chef Boyardee Ravioli was a luxury item or when you got your first apartment. It could have been when you were planning your wedding. had a budget. There was a certain amount of money and you could not exceed that amount.

When you established your budget, you made a list. You prioritized the absolute necessities starting with things you couldn't live without like a roof over your head, food, water, utilities, etc. If you were planning a wedding within a strict budget, you made sure the basics were covered like invitations, a photographer, food for the guests, etc. After that came the stuff you'd like to have if there was money left over. A new pair of shoes. Wedding favors. Brand new sofa.

A shelter budget runs almost identical to that. Necessities come first like food, maintenance of the shelter so the animals are safe, staff to care for the animal, medical, utilities for running water, electricity, heat in the winter and a/c in the summer, etc. For most shelters, that pretty much eats up the budget. A lot of times, shelters rely on donations to keep within their budget. There is very little, if any, funds left for the extra stuff or to stock up on necessities.This is why shelters are so reliant on donations whether it's food or monetary.

This is one of the reasons why we launched Bodacious Biscuit Love. Shelters don't have the funds for fresh made biscuits and treats. That's a luxury item. So are a lot of other things like Kongs, sturdy toys, hard chews, peanut butter, etc. This is why we have fundraisers. To raise money for the extras. These things matter. A lot. Imagine how your pup would be without toys, chews, bones, or other things that provided stimulation and initiate play. They would get bored and stressed.

Our fundraiser for the Bethlehem shelter dogs will be used to purchase toys, Kongs, peanut butter, marrow bones, and sturdy chew toys. We personally buy and deliver these items. Every penny is used to get as many items on the list as we can. There is no greater joy than delivering these items. You know the look on your dog's face and the dance of excitement when you unveil a new toy or chew? Yeah. Imagine that times 10.

This time around, we're offering Jumbo Bags O' Biscuits nestled in a decorative container with a ribbon handle. We're running this through August 6th. You get about 2 1/2 orders worth of biscuits per bag. We're asking a $10 donation. Pick your biscuit of choice. Choose your container. It's that simple. Your pup/s will get some yummy biscuits and the money you donate will be used to make some shelter dogs tail-waggin' happy.

Choose your container!

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