Friday, July 18, 2014

We've Got Four Fundraiser Bundles Up For Grabs

Aside from baking biscuit love 'round the clock for shelter, foster and rescue pups, we also assist with fundraising efforts for shelters and rescue organizations. Most times, we'll donate raffle baskets. The money raised from these baskets are put towards the cost of caring for abused and neglected animals. Yesterday, we decided to launch a fundraiser of our own.

One of our local shelters, NECCOG, is in dire need of food and supplies. Our brains churned. What. Could. We. Do. Ideas were tossed around. Finally, we came up with something super cool...fundraiser bundles.

Meet the bowl bundle. We've got two of these up for grabs and we're asking a $30 donation for each. We start with a large, metal dog bowl with paw imprints and fill it with 2 jumbo bag of biscuits, a 2 sided dog brush, fire hydrant poopie bag dispenser, pet grooming mitt, food scoop, a $10 gift certificate and (drum roll) a half dozen fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. There's something in there for both pups and "hoomans." It's a win win for everyone involved.

The other bundle we're offering is a $25 gift certificate with a jumbo bag of biscuits nestled in a decorative container. Your pup can enjoy crunchy love now and later. We're offering 2 of these for a $25 donation each.

If we sell all 4 bundles, that's $110 raised for us to purchase much needed supplies for NECCOG...canned food, kitten food, paper towels, laundry soap, cleaning supplies, rawhide bones, hard chewies, etc.

Let's do this!!

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