Monday, July 14, 2014

THIS Doesn't Happen Too Often...

A photo of the both of us us delivering biscuits doesn't happen often for several reasons. The first, neither one of us is too keen on having our photo taken and posted. Second, I'm usually the one taking the photos. Third, no one is waiting at the door to snap a picture of us carrying biscuits inside. This time around, the stars aligned and...well...THIS happened.

We delivered biscuits to one of our favorite destinations...Bethlehem, CT. We always detour to this gorgeous location before heading home from our bi-weekly deliveries to Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes. The fabulous Judy exited her office and met us on the pathway. She wanted a photo of THIS. We agreed. How could we not?!?! She rocks the house!

Judy posted the photo. We stole borrowed it. ya have it. US. THIS. Doing what we love.

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