Sunday, July 6, 2014

Some "Just Because" Love From The Bodacious Big Boys

On Thursday, we were quite surprised to receive a package in the mail. At some point, early afternoon, a long box was placed on our porch in front of the door. Thankfully, I was paying attention. "Grace" is not my middle name and had I not been paying attention while stepping out onto the front porch, well, you know. Trip. Fall. Look around frantically to see if the neighbors had witnessed my not-so-gracious tumble.

The box was about 4 feet long. I was stumped. Usually I can guess the contents. Not this time. I grabbed the scissors and proceeded with caution. I know better than to slice, rip and tear. That never ends well with me either...especially when sharp objects are involved.

Inside the layers of bubble wrap were 3 handcrafted wall hangings, made of wood, with clips to hang photos. I was in awe. Throughout this time frame, I was on the phone with my wife. There was excitement in my voice. At the time, we had a bare wall in our biscuit room. The wall hangings were the perfect size, color and it's exactly what the room needed. We finally had a way to hang the photos, letters and cards we've received from both pups and "hoomans."

Who was behind all of this? Titan and Maximus...otherwise known as The Bodacious Big Boys. These 2 handsome boys made, packaged and sent this to us as a sweet "just because."  We're seriously impressed! That night we hung the wall hangings and hung up a few photos, cards and letters. There are plenty more to hang! This heartfelt gift means the world to us and we're sending the lots of hugs and love!

On a side note...both Titan and Maximus get their woodworking skills from their exceptionally talented dad who owns Daily Wood Concepts. This locally owned and operated shop takes the personal approach and works with their clients when custom building furniture, remodeling, painting, replicating and repurposing furniture and more! Check 'em out! Their work is nothing short of phenomenal.

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