Friday, June 13, 2014

We're Heading To Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes

I have no shame in admitting we're bursting at the seams with some incredible news and have spent the past couple of weeks exchanging emails and getting the ball rolling.

At the end of last month, we received an email from Nicole Braddock...owner of Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes. The bakery is located in Oakville, Connecticut...about an hour and a half away. Nicole was interested in carrying our biscuits at the bakery. We were beyond excited. This helps us get the word out and replenish our funds so we can extend our list and ship out more biscuit love to shelter, foster and rescue pups.

If you're having one of those, "That name rings a bell" moments, it's legit. Nicole and her husband, Jeremy, are the winners of the 2013 Great American Nightmare Food Network Cupcake Wars. Of course we had to search for the episode because after seeing a photo of Nicole and Jeremy...we thought, "They look very familiar."

We found a YouTube recording of that Cupcake Wars episode (not the best quality) and within a minute or two we knew. Yup. That was it. We very seldom watch Food Network, but we had seen that episode. Lisa's memory was jolted when she saw Jeremy. I remembered their competitors who wore polka dotted aprons, red lipstick and looked as if they walked off a ModCloth runway.

Not only is this fabulous duo exceptionally talented, they also give back to the community and do quite a bit for Connecticut shelters and pounds. Just recently they held a Pup Cake & Dog Treats class and donated a portion of the proceeds to Brass City Rescue Alliance. In addition, Nicole and Jeremy offer a featured cupcake every month and the proceeds from the sales goes to a local charity. They never miss a beat to step up to the plate and help out both "hoomans" and pups. In fact, if you adopt a pup from the Waterbury pound, you can bring the papers in to Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes and get 12 free assorted cupcakes.

Next week, we'll be baking up a storm for our visit to Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes. We're looking forward to this for so many reasons. We love connecting with like-minded people who stand strong in being the voice of the voiceless and give back to the community. We're also anxious to try a cupcake or two. You seriously need to check out the Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes Facebook page for photos of their masterpieces. We drool.

And...I may have licked my monitor once or twice.

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