Monday, June 23, 2014

A Scrumptious Rendezvous At Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes

Earlier this month we made the announcement that we'd be heading to Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes. As the day neared, we could feel the anticipation growing. In addition, a few days before our expedition, we extended our events for the day to include meeting Mae Mae and spreading the biscuit love to the sweet pups in Bethlehem, CT.

We spent well over an hour visiting these two fabulous women, Nicole (owner) and Corin (manager). I seriously could have put on my frilly apron and worked with these two for the day. Great conversation and lots of laughs.

We were spoiled and enjoyed every minute of it. We've been to a lot of bakeries, but this one tops the charts all the way around. And the ice cream. Wow. If you ever visit Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes...try the ice cream, damnit!

I have no shame in admitting that I plowed through this Irish Car Bomb cupcake in record time. There was no shame. As a 30 year baking veteran, it was an honor to bite into a cupcake made by the winners of Food Network Cupcake Wars. With a mouthful of cupcake I belted out, "You nailed it!!" It's not easy making a homemade cupcake. Most turn out dry and tasteless. Not this one (or any others we tried). Moist. Delicious. Total cupcake bliss.

They sent us on our way with lots of treats...more cupcakes!! And...a couple of 'Sweet As A Cupcake' t-shirts in honor of their rescue dog Elsa. We are looking forward to a continued relationship with this AH-MAY-ZING bakery and wonderful people. Not only do they put their heart and soul into each cupcake and confection...they give back to the community assisting with charities and animal rescue.

We also got to meet Mae Mae. When this sweet girl was rescued, she was emaciated, had a tail infection and other medical issues. From day one, we've been spreading the biscuit love her way along with Angel...who was rescued that day as well. We've seen photos of her recovery in the weeks following her rescue. To finally meet Speechless.

We don't get to visit this remarkable woman, Judy, and her sweet babies too often as her location is almost 2 hours away. However, our Oakville, CT destination put us about 20 minutes away. You can bet we paid a visit, before heading home, to spread some biscuit love and visit with some of the pups.

And how can you resist this sweet face peeking out from under the desk!! He's a little shy and wanted a biscuit...and shortly after gobbled up about 4.

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who made this day possible. We had a wonderful afternoon and it was definitely time well spent.

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