Monday, June 16, 2014

A Box Of Love For Princess

Often times people express how exciting it must be to deliver biscuit love to various shelters, homes and to attend events. For the most part, it is. To spend time with shelter, foster and rescue pups is one of the most rewarding experiences. When people invite us into our homes to meet their four legged kids and share stories with us...that's time well spent in our books. We also get excited when people reach out and invite us to participate in events. Being around like-minded people and making those connections is nothing short of awesome.

On the other end of the stick, sometimes it's not so fun. People reach out to us with situations that weigh heavy on our hearts. We're both comfortable enough in our own skin to admit we've had moments that have gotten the best of us. Our desks have caught tears as we read through stories, see photos and bear witness to the cruelty some "hoomans" inflict on animals and hear of those sweet souls who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

One such incident happened over the weekend. A contact of ours reached out to us about a friend of hers from New Hampshire who had lost everything after her house burned to the ground the day before. Krystal and her family lost everything including 2 of their 3 pups. Sadly, Roxy and Blaze did not make it out of the house. Princess was the only survivor.

Krystal, the owner of the house, is a fellow rescuer who dedicates much of her time towards rescue efforts, fostering, transport and anything else that arises. She doesn't think twice about stepping to the front of the line to assist. She asks for nothing in return. During a brief chat, Krystal said she wants to start her own rescue group someday.

Lisa and I both knew we had to do something. Their surviving pup, Princess, needs some cheering up. She lost her 2 buddies and everything that was familiar to, blankets, her favorite leash, etc. We tossed around ideas and finally came up with 'A Box Of Love For Princess.' We're going to fill it with fresh made biscuits, goodies, toys, blankets and necessities.

We're asking for your help. This week, until Sunday (June 22nd) we'll be accepting donations of dog toys, dog blankets, accessories, etc. You can also donate a Petco or Walmart gift card that will go towards purchasing items for Princess. Monetary donations are welcomed as well to assist with shipping. In addition, this week, all donations made from our new sandwich cookie, 'Elsa's Kisses', will be put towards the Box of Love For Princess. Every little bit helps us out. The box of love will be shipped out late afternoon on Monday, June 23rd.

Let's do this! Feel free to contact us if you're interested in donating to the box o' love. We'd be more than happy to provide you with mailing or drop off information. We'll be including a card in the box that will include names of those who contributed.

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