Thursday, May 8, 2014

Yes...Hoomans Can Eat Our Biscuits Too

We've lost count how many times someone has opened a bag of Bodacious Biscuits, took a whiff and said, "These smell good enough to eat." Our response is, "You can. Take a bite." Some people immediately take a nibble. Others look at us as if we have three if they're thinking, "Are you crazy? I'm not eating a dog biscuit!"

On the flip side, we get that same look when people catch us crunching on one of our biscuits or those moments, during conversation, that we mention, "It's our snack of choice." That's not a "sales" pitch. We're not trying to prove anything. We're simply relaying a fact. At 2 in the morning, nothing soothes a rumbling tummy better than a few biscuits to go with a fresh poured cup of coffee.

If you've had a chance to view photos of our biscuits, a few things should stand out. The first, there's no meat or artificial meat flavors. We've said it many times and we'll say it again, we will never add meat in our biscuits. We also don't use dairy or eggs.

Second, the ingredients used in our biscuits are ones you'd find housed in a baking cupboard. If you were to step foot in our kitchen and go through our cupboards, you would find all of the ingredients we use in our biscuits right there. We do buy biscuit ingredients in large quantities so our back supply is stored in the room off the kitchen...which has been deemed "our second biscuit room."

Lastly, we use quality peanut butter...Skippy All Natural. Sure, we could get away with using generic peanut butter however, we tried several store brands and the results were just meh. Skippy All Natural is one of the more pricier brands, but to us, it makes the best tasting biscuit.  

The first thing you'll notice when you take a bite of a Bodacious Biscuit is that it's not sweet like a "hooman"'s more like a cracker or breakfast biscuit. The reason for this is we don't add sugar to our biscuits. There is a trace amount in the Skippy All Natural peanut butter and, if you choose a decorated biscuit, there is sugar in our swizzle (Nestle Premium White Chips).

With all that being said, bottom line is yes, you can eat our biscuits. In fact, we have a few "hoomans" who "order" an extra bag for themselves. This one of the many things we take a great deal of pride in. How often can you say, "My pup and I enjoyed a dog biscuit together?"

So...take a nibble and enjoy!

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