Monday, May 19, 2014

We Couldn't Have Asked For A Better Day

Saturday night, shortly before 10 pm, we had our moment of, "I think we're all set. Let's do this." The biscuits were all bagged up, dozens of biscuits had been put aside for the packages we would be shipping to the shelter babies on Monday, our totes of supplies were packed, the baskets were filled, and everything on our "to do" list had been crossed off.

After an exhausting week of preparation, last minute details, and keeping our fingers crossed that our new cards, banner and poster arrived on time, this was it. Exhale. There were no fireworks sounding off outside and confetti didn't fall from the ceiling to commemorate this precise moment. Neither one of us turned cartwheels down the road (that wouldn't end well for either one of us). This milestone was internal. In the hours to follow, and throughout the day of the fair, we both experienced periods of "on the outside looking in."

Six months ago, we had no idea Bodacious Biscuit Love would take off as quickly as it has. Back then, we didn't have a Facebook page or website. Our circle was tiny. As time went on, we created a Facebook page. Word spread. The circle grew. At first, reaching out to people was a little difficult. In this day and age, with so many scams and hogwash going around, presenting what we do was challenging. The big question always arose, "Would people think we're sketchy?"

Little by little, the list of shelters we shipped and delivered to grew. Our Facebook page became a plethora of positive feedback, notes of gratitude, photos of sweet babies enjoying their biscuits, etc. With this came credibility and a foundation of trust. Yes, we're real. Yes, this is what we do. Yes, we're here to stay. Our mind frame is, "lets keep this going." In the weeks and months ahead we've got great things in the works to expand. Feet on ground. Full speed ahead.

Eventually, our circle transpired into a community. People started coming to us. Organizations and shelters reached out to inquire about what we do. In the past couple of months, we've had people contact us because they want to help us expand and get the word out there. The response all the way around has been nothing short of amazing...almost surreal. There are endless shelters, fosters and rescues out there and our mission is to spread biscuit love to as many as we can.

Yesterday, was our first public event. There have been so many "firsts" and each one has been a significant milestone. From our first donation to our blog site launching to THIS. There's a sense of humble pride that surfaces when someone approaches us and says, "You're the biscuit ladies...I've heard about you" or "Your the biscuit ladies from Facebook. I liked your page and I see your updates all the time." We always enjoy the conversation that follows.

Overall, the pet fair was a success. We saw a lot of familiar faces, met some incredible people, fed dozens of sweet pups, made our rounds to hand out snacks, received some donations, and so much more. We loaded several shelters up with biscuit love to take back with them for the pups. The weather was gorgeous. We couldn't have asked for a better day.

We left the fair with lots of goodies including our Wings Of Freedom Animal Rescue t-shirts (a local rescue group we volunteer with), an adorable mug featuring some sweet shelter babies from Ledyard Animal Control, and a wonderful cat & dog tote bag filled with goodies from All Friends Animal Hospital. That's not all...we joined in on the raffle fun and won twice! The first...a basket from Preston Ridge Vineyard filled with fruit, cheese, crackers, 2 stemless glasses and a bottle of wine. Our second win...a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from Francois Floral & Gifts housed in a pink hued mason jar.

We want to give a huge shout out and thank you to everyone who stopped by, showed their support, made a donation, took cards to spread the word and gave us words of encouragement. You made our day and each and every effort is WHY we're able to move forth, expand and spread the biscuit love far and wide.

And...we would also like to extend a big thank you to Brenda, Rob and Miss Beckett who made a pit stop for coffee before arriving. We had a coffee blunder during setup. Our coffees ended up on the ground. Major crisis. They saved the day.

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