Friday, May 2, 2014

Our Journey To The Quiet Town Of Bethlehem

Today we ventured out on our second biscuit run. Please don't mistake that for anything related to physically in a 5K or other type of marathon. Trust me, if either one of us attempted that, it wouldn't end well. More than likely we'd be face down on the ground within the first ten minutes after starting time.

Maybe this would be a good time to explain what a biscuit run is. Once or twice a month we pick a day and dedicate most of it to delivering Bodacious Biscuit Love to various shelters that we would otherwise ship to due to distance. Throughout the week we ship boxes to all over and we deliver bags to local shelters and foster/rescue homes. A biscuit run gives us the opportunity to visit shelters that are a good distance away.

This time around our furthest destination was Bethlehem, CT where we had the pleasure of meeting and spending a portion of the afternoon with Judy. From where we live to Bethlehem, it's almost 2 hours of drive time. However, we had to make a few pit stops along the way.

A wonderful lady from Bristol, Vicki, made a donation for us to make and bake a gift basket for the local pound in her area. We loaded the basket with 12 bags of fresh made biscuits. In addition, Megan from Montana sewed up 2 beautiful blankets and a scarf and sent them to us for some newborn pups and their mama at our local shelter.

At 9 a.m. we left the house, drove to our local shelter to deliver blankets & biscuits and made our way to Hartford to meet one of the volunteers from the Bristol pound. We dropped off the basket from Vicki and a bag of biscuits for the Wolcott pound. From there, we journeyed to Bethlehem. Once we got through the city, all was well. It turned out to be a gorgeous scenic drive.

We visited with Judy and the sweet shelter babies for well over an hour. Then, much to our surprise, she arranged a visit for us to see a pup that we had sent biscuits to back in March. Juniper (formerly Ana) had been dumped in Woodbury after her breeding days were over. She was in poor condition. After an abundance of TLC and eventually being adopted out to a wonderful family, she is doing wonderful. We were overjoyed to see her and meet Juniper's new mom (who graciously served up some delicious homemade coffee cake).

As exhausted as we were on the way home, we talked non-stop most of the way. When we visit shelters and have the opportunity to spend time with the sweet pups, it rejuvenates us. To be surrounded by the sweet shelter babies who shower us with affection and to have the opportunity to personally spread the crunchy's energizing and motivates us to move forward with gusto.

If you'd like to see a few photos of our adventures today, click here.

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