Thursday, May 22, 2014

Every Donation Helps To Spread The Biscuit Love

In the past couple of months we've had a lot of people ask what they can do to help aside from making a donation for delicious biscuits. This question comes up a lot. In fact, it was our inspiration behind adding the recent "How You Can Help" tabbed page.

We believe that it takes a community of like minded people to achieve great things and to be successful in contributing to the greater good. Our mission is to spread Bodacious Biscuit Love to as many shelters, foster and rescue pups as we can. You'll often hear us quote, "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together..." This represents our mind frame.

Too often, people are often misguided into thinking that in order to make a difference, they have to fork over a hefty monetary donation, make a purchase or swim oceans & move mountains. That's not true. A few months ago when we put the word out there that a local shelter was in need of blankets, a friend of ours came up to us and said, "I would donate, but I only have 2 blankets." They didn't think that was enough. Our reply was, "It is enough. That's 2 blankets they didn't have and 2 pups that will have a comfortable place to sleep and keep warm."

It takes a series of small things. Whether it's one blanket or a bag of dog food, it makes a difference. All of it. Think of it this way...if 50 people donated one blanket or a bag of food, that equals 50 blankets and 50 bags of food. That's a lot!

The same holds true with our mission to spread the Bodacious Biscuit Love. A lot of people want to help out however, some might not have pups of their own so donating money for biscuits isn't the most ideal route. Or, in some cases, there may be someone residing in the house with a peanut allergy. Whatever the case, there are many ways in which you can help out. We've listed quite a few things on our "How You Can Help" page.

To break it down a bit for you...

Basket O' Biscuits - We've had a handful of people donate money for us to make and bake a package to send or deliver to their shelter of choice or a friend with pups. We bake the biscuits up fresh, package 'em up (we always add extra because who's counting, right?!?!) and ship. We always include a card stating that this package was sent on behalf of (insert name). We also include contact information by request.

Ingredients - We purchase ingredients several times a week and we're to the point of having to order our peanut butter by the case. If we have a busy week and there's a weekend event, we easily go through an entire case and then some. Right now, that's our biggest expense exceeding $50 per week. Add all of the other ingredients on top of that plus supplies to package and shipping's extremely costly.

We listed all of the ingredients that we use. Donating the heavier items such as peanut butter and flour would be costly to send however, you can order these items through retailers such as Amazon or other mass merchandisers and have them shipped to our address. Every little bit helps whether it's a single jar of Skippy Natural peanut butter or a couple bags of flour.

Supplies - In addition to ingredients, we go through a copious amount of supplies in a week's time. Our posted list is self explanatory and locating these items should be easy. We don't use "specialty" items and a good portion of our supplies can be found at multiple locations. Most of our supplies are purchased at Staples, Walmart, Five Below, Michael's, Target and various other retailers when we come across a great sale on baskets, cookie cutters or items used for events.

Gift Cards - We purchase a lot of our ingredients at Walmart as it tends to be the least inexpensive...especially peanut butter. Between ingredients and supplies, a Walmart Gift Card of any amount is extremely helpful. Other gift cards such as Visa, MasterCard or American Express allow us to shop at other locations like Five Below, Michael's, etc and we also use these to help cover shipping costs.

Every little bit helps and we are extremely grateful for the donations we've received so far. It makes a huge difference and we appreciate any and all! Please feel free to contact us. We'll be more than happy to provide you with our address and PayPal information upon request.

If you're local, or know us personally, you're more than welcomed to deliver in person or drop donations off at our house.

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